2022 TMS Guide

2022 TMS Guide

Recent supply chain disruptions have raised interest in transportation management systems (TMS). A variety of solutions – from cloud-based, on-demand, web-hosted applications to traditional licensing installations, over the road, on the rail, containerized, or parcel – are available from TMS vendors and service providers who are expanding their offerings to meet your unique business requirements.

Because the choices can be overwhelming, Inbound Logistics offers this annual guide of some top TMS providers and solutions that can put you on the right road toward improved transportation management and performance.


www.3Gtms.com | 203-567-4610

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: 3G is cloud-based end-to-end transportation management software for omnichannel shippers, 3PLs, and brokers providing real-time management of the full order-to-settlement process. 3G features include quote management; rating, routing and optimization; load execution; track-and-trace capabilities and financial settlement and audit.


www.3rdwave.co | 416-510-8800

PRODUCT: 3rdwave iTMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides end-to-end control of international transportation management. Manages ocean, air, and truckload shipments throughout the shipment lifecycle. Provides fully integrated freight contract management, freight auditing, freight booking, SKU level in-transit visibility, and port control and monitoring.


www.4flow.com | 313-777-8300

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Integrates supply chain optimization and transportation management—from strategic design to tactical planning and daily execution. Manages complex logistics operations including network design, multimodal transportation planning, sourcing, route management, 3D load building and freight invoicing. Works as a stand-alone product or embedded into 4flow’s managed services.

Acuitive Solutions

www.acuitivesolutions.com | 704-847-4997

PRODUCT: Global Transportation Management Software
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Replaces emails and spreadsheets with rule-based workflows that allow supply chain partners to collaborate and manage shipments in real time and without the shipper’s direct involvement.

AFS Logistics

www.afs.net | 877-242-3383

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Manages freight, tracks deliveries, searches for better rates, and dynamically captures critical shipment data including delivery metrics, exceptions,
and more.


www.agistix.com | 888-244-7849

PRODUCT: Agistix
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Supports rating, bidding, auto-tendering, document automation, and real-time tracking for multi-leg and multi-mode shipments globally. Supports inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments and data constructs from order to invoice.

ALC Logistics

www.alclogistics.com | 800-282-3246

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Addresses transportation demands including multi-pick/multi-drop, change orders, spot bids, and appointment scheduling by simplifying processes involved in managing supply chain networks. Can be integrated with existing ERP, order entry, and financial systems to provide operational efficiency, visibility, and accountability.


www.aptean.com | 855-411-2783

PRODUCT: Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Includes features that help create optimized daily plans, conduct strategic planning and improve execution of live operations.

ARTC Logistics

artc-logistics.com | 732-213-5081

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Multimodal rate engine with API capability. Integrates with multiple enterprise resource planning systems. Provides rating, shipment consolidation, tracking and tracing and advanced analytics.

ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions

www.artemus.us | 866-744-7101

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides cargo reporting to the United States, Canada, Japan, and Panama as per each country’s customs requirements. Also provides customs clearance for U.S.-bound cargo.


www.TheFreeTMS.com | 813-681-5000

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides complete control over daily freight movements. No contracts are needed and all training and support is free.


www.axele.com | 833-462-9353

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: An intelligent TMS to help truckload carriers find better loads, increase profits, and grow business. Connects to load boards, maps, accounting systems, electronic logging devices, and market rates. Features track/trace, a mobile app, live dispatch board, analytics, and smart trip planning.

Blue Yonder

www.blueyonder.com | 833-532-4764

PRODUCT: Transportation Management System
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Manages end-to-end business processes from modeling and planning to last-mile delivery. Offers visibility into inbound and outbound transportation needs, along with supplier and carrier collaboration tools, to deliver a comprehensive assessment of opportunities available across the entire supply chain network.

BlueGrace Logistics

www.mybluegrace.com | 800-697-4477

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Puts supply chain management and optimization into the hands of any shipper. Offers self-service tools such as instant quoting, scheduling, address books, product catalogs, and shipment tracking.

BluJay Solutions

www.blujaysolutions.com | 866-584-7280

PRODUCT: Transportation Management
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Single-workflow SaaS TMS enables process automation and collaboration among trading partners, with visibility and AI for freight moves across multiple transportation modes. True single-instance multi-tenant cloud platform provides insights to benchmarking and best practices to enable cost savings and improve customer service.

Blume Global

www.blumeglobal.com | 781-263-0200

PRODUCT: Blume Logistics
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: A holistic operating platform for international and domestic transportation management that unites visibility with action. Enables users to orchestrate, optimize, and observe the movement of goods, and reroute shipments if a problem arises. Allows users to manage logistics execution from sourcing to last-mile delivery.

Camelot 3PL Software

www.3plsoftware.com/solutions/tms | 704-554-1670

PRODUCT: Excalibur
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides real-time tools to improve transportation execution with lower costs, higher productivity, and higher levels of customer service. Can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements.

Carrier Logistics

www.CarrierLogistics.com | 914-332-0300

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive freight management solution driving every aspect of a trucking company’s needs— dispatching, freight bill entry, mobile data communications, call logging, general ledger, EDI transactions, and cross-docking.


www.centerboard.com | 855-946-4739

PRODUCT: WIN by Centerboard
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Neutral, shipper-centric solution offering affordable access to critical features for shippers. Real-time data gives the entire supply chain access to a single point of truth on how to move goods most quickly and cost-effectively.


www.centrade.io | 651-379-3050

PRODUCT: Centrade
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Networked business platform offering next-generation supply chain visibility, collaboration, and performance. Complies and adheres to uniquely defined operating procedures.


www.cleardestination.com | 866-498-4491

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Dispatching software for truckload and LTL carriers and delivery companies includes dashboard and reporting functionalities to track processes from dispatch to invoicing. Other functionality includes billing and payroll, GPS tracking, route planning and optimization, fleet maintenance, and load optimization.

ClearTrack Information Network

www.cleartrack.com/clarity | 615-877-4400

PRODUCT: Clarity Shipment and Order Visibility
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Automates the collection, monitoring, and measurement of shipment and order activities across trading partners, transportation modes, and logistics service providers. Empowers organizations to proactively detect and resolve problems while maintaining a predictable flow of goods across the supply chain.

CT Logistics

www.ctlogistics.com | 216-267-2000

PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides global rate quotes from multiple carriers in all modes; least-cost analysis; automated shipment execution; real-time status information; reporting, searching, and data mining.


www.ctsi-global.com/tms | 888-836-5135

PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Streamlines transportation planning, execution, and visibility management. Integrates with external platforms and the CTSI-Global logistics ecosystem: strategic data, freight audit and payment, and consulting expertise such as rate negotiation and modeling.

DAT Solutions

www.dat.com | 800-728-7305

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Complete system designed exclusively for freight brokers. Enables moving more freight with fewer people. Operations and accounting in one system eliminates redundant entries. Analytic and automation tools maximize efficiency
and profits.

Descartes Systems Group

www.descartes.com/home | 519-746-8110

PRODUCT: Descartes TMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Synchronizes transportation operations, controls costs and enhances service through features such as contract management, load planning and optimization, execution, and freight audit. Provides extended capabilities for multimodal operations, including parcel shipping, real-time visibility, private fleet, dock scheduling and yard management, and pool/retail distribution.


www.digitalshipper.com | 651-348-4080

PRODUCT: DigitalShipper Enterprise
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Seamlessly integrates with host systems to fully automate rating and shipping processes for small parcel and LTL. Out-of-the-box features include customized business rules, order consolidation, advanced rate shopping, and carrier service optimization.


www.e2open.com | 866-432-6736

PRODUCT: E2open Transportation Management
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Enables real-time visibility, reporting, and collaboration for domestic and global shippers. Lets users easily select carriers, modernize booking and automatically flag incorrect payments to increase productivity and profitability while reducing freight costs and delays.

Echo Global Logistics

www.echo.com | 800-354-7993

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Leverages AI, machine learning, and load-matching algorithms to create a flexible and effective system for shippers, carriers, and managed transportation companies.


www.fortigo.com | 512-372-8884

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Automates, optimizes, and audits logistics decisions to help reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. Fits seamlessly into established supply chain software. Optimizes logistics processes, minimizes ship-to-order times, and streamlines collaboration with logistics providers.

Freight Management Inc.

www.freightmgmt.com | 714-632-1440

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Full management quoting, tendering, tracking, image retrieval and customized reporting suite. Can be customized to each company’s needs.


www.freightcenter.com | 800-716-7608

PRODUCT: FreightCenter TMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Immediately sources capacity, equipment, and carrier rates in one central portal. Seamless shipping management simplifies and streamlines freight shipping and improves customer service. Users can track shipments via SMS text with real-time status updates.


www.freightgate.net | 714-799-2833

PRODUCT: logisticsCloud
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Integrates seamlessly with transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs, and NVOCCs. API enables logistics providers to seamlessly integrate data and cloud-based database management systems for tracking business resources such as accounting AR/AP, inventory, and production capacity along with purchase orders, sales, scheduling, booking, and RFP bid/quotation management.


www.freightpop.com | 949-454-4602

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers manage the freight shipping lifecycle through invoicing, label printing, and tracking carriers in transit. Multiple ways to shop rates; track inbound, outbound, and ocean shipping; and optimize processes. Integrates with most order management systems.


www.freightview.com | 913-353-6188

PRODUCT: Freightview
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Online freight management platform that streamlines quoting, booking, tracking, and reporting processes. Centralized visibility improves management of carrier relationships and negotiated rates.


www.globaltranz.com | 866-275-1407

PRODUCT: GlobalTranz TMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides a control tower view of shipments across all transportation modes, with immediate access to GlobalTranz’s network of 50,000+ truckload carriers and 120+ local, regional, and national less-than-truckload carriers.

Highway 905

www.highway905.com | 908-874-4867

PRODUCT: Transportation Management System
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Focuses on optimizing transportation processes and costing, with real-time freight rate management, smarter carrier selection and load consolidations, automated freight invoice audits, and real-time visibility into all operational performance metrics. Scalable and customizable with a flexible costing structure.


infox.com | 646-915-0333

PRODUCT: Info-X Web Based TMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Digital platform helps shippers with quotes, bookings, and cargo tracking. Covers air and ocean imports/exports, domestic transportation, warehouse and purchase order management, compliance, and robotics.

Intellect Technologies

www.intellecttech.com | 609-454-3170

PRODUCT: Intellect eFreight
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Global solution for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and 3PLs. Supports unlimited number of offices and users. Comprehensive management of all transport modes; direct connection to customs, carriers and customers through API/EDI messaging; WMS/CFS with barcode scanning; track-trace; customer portal; sales CRM; and purchase order management.


www.intellitrans.com | 806-603-9175

PRODUCT: IntelliTrans CarrierPoint
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides shipment execution and visibility across rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments. Features shipment visibility, invoice auditing and payment, analytics, contract management, load planning, dispatch, and a mobile app.

Johanson Transportation Service

www.johansontrans.com | 800-742-2053

PRODUCT: Arriviture
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Offers end-to-end visibility and tools to manage freight activities, including rate quotes, comparing pricing and route times, orders, tracing, load optimization, shipping documents, analytics reports, and accounts payable. Carriers can find loads, enter equipment and tracing details, create routes, check mileage, report issues, and view accounting.

Kenco Logistics

www.kencogroup.com | 800-758-3289

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Empowers small to mid-sized shippers with the technology, resources, and competitive rates needed to effectively manage transportation networks and disruptions—all through a single point of contact.


www.koerber-supplychain.com | 605-203-0605

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: An automated, integrative TMS for carriers and brokers, supporting end-to-end execution for planning, operating, reporting, and track and trace.

Kuebix, a Trimble Company

www.kuebix.com | 800-220-8610

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Modular, cloud-based solution allows companies to obtain an optimized TMS for their business and create a truly connected supply chain. Kuebix’s community consists of 25,000+ shippers and carriers from Trimble’s network of 1.3 million commercial trucks.


www.LOG-NET.com | 732-758-6800

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Integrated SaaS solution that enables global transportation management, order management and distribution management. Supports collaboration and integration with suppliers, transportation providers, internal applications, and enterprise resource planning systems.

LogiFlow Services

www.logiflow.com | 630-484-0150

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Transportation intelligence platform that optimizes the end-to-end planning, execution, and financial settlement of the transportation process. Order/item foundation, intuitive interface, and advanced business intelligence tools provide granular visibility and insight to execution and cost throughout the supply chain.

Logistix Solutions

www.logistixsolutions.com | 571-426-5951

PRODUCT: ProLogix Transportation Optimization
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally)
DESCRIPTION: Optimizes LTL/FTL freight transport, routing and scheduling, modes, carriers, and vehicles based on rates, orders, and customer service requirements. Powerful algorithms generate multi-stop truckload, consolidated LTL, and private fleet routes and schedules that save money, miles, vehicles, and drivers.

Logistyx Technologies

www.logistyx.com | 877-755-2374

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Designed for parcel shipping. Combines advanced business intelligence and a global network of 550+ carrier integrations to provide carrier compliance, predictive analytics, and tracking to enable on-time delivery and increase profits per shipment.


www.logiwareinc.com | 770-667-0311

PRODUCT: Logiware
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Designed for forwarders and NVOCCs to handle ocean, air, and truck shipments from end to end. Helps keep shipments on schedule, improves profitability, and raises customer service levels through complete visibility and collaboration.

Logix Grid Technologies

www.logixgrid.com | 997-109-4859

PRODUCT: Logix Platform
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Manages logistics, e-commerce, first-mile pickup and last-mile delivery along with supply chain business across the globe. API integrations with 150+ brands including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.


www.made4net.com | 201-645-4345

PRODUCT: RoutingExpert
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Helps plan smarter routes faster. Advanced routing algorithms and unlimited flexible, user-defined business constraint rules can help users stay on top of transportation operations. Includes a fully customizable billing and payment solution.

MagicLogic Optimization

www.magiclogic.com | 206-274-6248

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Advanced load planning software for pallets, containers, trucks and trailers, functioning as a plug-in for other TMS solutions via APIs.

Manhattan Associates

www.manh.com | 678-597-6754

PRODUCT: Manhattan Active Transportation Management
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: SaaS TMS can be extended without impacting regular updates. Applied intelligence empowers real-time distribution planning and optimization for better, faster operational decisions. Pre-connected visibility, load board, and carrier network partners included.


www.mpo.com | 646-520-0841

PRODUCT: Transportation Management System
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Streamlines and optimizes logistics order flows via planning (rating, routing, mode selection), execution (real-time visibility and exceptions management), financials (invoicing and auditing), and analytics (KPIs and dashboards). Optimizes inbound, outbound, and return orders, converging inventory, order, and transportation management.


www.mvmnt.io | 708-829-0498

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Completely free and reimagined TMS designed to enhance day-to-day operations of a traditional transportation management solution. Manages everything from procurement to payments all in one place—with total visibility throughout.

Next Generation Logistics

www.DynamicsTMS.com | 847-963-0007

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables effective and efficient business decisions. Can be quickly deployed to manage a single company or multiple divisions.


www.nulogx.com | 905-486-1162

PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: A hosted solution that supports all the activities necessary to manage and execute the full lifecycle of the transportation process.


www.nuvocargo.com | 917-521-5157

PRODUCT: Nuvocargo
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: All-in-one digital platform focused on U.S.-Mexico cross-border trade. Creates transparency in the shipping process and layers services such as customs brokerage, cargo insurance, and supply chain finance.

nVision Global

www.nvisionglobal.com | 770-474-4122

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: IMPACT TMS provides management and visibility of all global shipments, including inbound supplier shipments using its purchase order management module and outbound shipments across all shipment modes. nVision Global’s API and EDI processes are designed to seamlessly integrate customers’ ERP, carriers, and suppliers. The solution is supported by its dedicated spot quote platform, a configurable shipment approval process, automated rating/routing and tendering, and customs document generation and integration (BOL, commercial invoice, labels, and manifests). This solution and service is easily integrated with the other solutions and technologies that nVision Global offers such as freight audit and payment, freight claims, business analytics and freight rate procurement.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology

www.odysseylogistics.com | 855-875-0681

PRODUCT: Odyssey Global Logistics Platform
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Designed to manage day-to-day transactional logistics processes. Proprietary technology gives users the process, automation, real-time data and information necessary to make sound, long-range decisions and overcome inefficiencies and oversights.


www.omnitracs.com | 888-627-2716

PRODUCT: Omnitracs One
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: A set of applications that enables drivers to increase visibility, transparency, and productivity; reduce operation costs; improve density and consolidation of deliveries; be nimble with real-time changes to pick-ups and deliveries; and simplify work streams.

One Network Enterprises

www.onenetwork.com | 866-302-1936

PRODUCT: Intelligent Logistics TMS
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides end-to-end multiparty logistics planning, scheduling, and execution capabilities from sourcing to invoicing, across all modes and services. Includes real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and exception management. Integrates to order and warehouse management. AI and machine learning autonomously detect and resolve logistics-related issues.


www.oracle.com/logistics | 800-392-2999

PRODUCT: Oracle Transportation Management
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Manages all transportation activity throughout the global supply chain, enabling users to run logistics operations more efficiently, reduce freight costs and optimize service levels.

PCS Software

www.pcssoft.com | 833-415-9500

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: AI-driven, unified transportation logistics platform for shippers, carriers, and brokers. Simplifies and optimizes day-to-day logistics operations and unlocks strategic data-driven insights for greater control, profitability, and competitive advantage.


www.pierbridge.com/transtream | 508-630-1220

PRODUCT: Transtream
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Enterprise multi-carrier parcel management solution powers supply chain applications and solves critical business problems. Deployed on-premise or accessed from the cloud. Automates parcel planning and execution for shippers of all sizes.

Primus Intellectual Solutions

www.shipprimus.com | 866-441-8188

PRODUCT: ShipPrimus
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Specifically geared for 3PLs, 4PLs and brokers. Provides an API-driven platform to rate shop, dispatch, track, and POD LTL, FTL and small package shipments electronically direct to carriers. Allows efficient and automated management of shipments, customers, vendors, and billing.

Princeton TMX

www.princetontmx.com | 800-435-4691

PRODUCT: Princeton TMX
PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: End-to-end solution—from shipment building to rating, tendering, scheduling, payment and reporting—for industrial shippers. Enables companies to automate, streamline and optimize truck, rail, LTL, intermodal, ocean, and barge processes.


www.proshipinc.com | 414-302-2929

PRODUCT: Multi-Carrier Shipping Software
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Platform designed for high-volume parcel shipping. Offers multiple shipping methods. Helps boost sales and manage shopping cart shipping expectations. Outbound LTL, rate shopping, carrier compliance, and an omnichannel distribution strategy.

QAD Precision

www.precisionsoftware.com | 312-239-1630

PRODUCT: QAD Precision Transportation Execution
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Global, multi-carrier shipping solution designed to manage both inbound and outbound shipments. Provides centralized control and visibility throughout the shipment execution process. From one system, users can rate, route, produce labels, manifest and manage levels of service for any shipment mode.

Ramco Systems

www.ramco.com/logistics | 609-620-4800

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Empowers logistics service providers to digitize their entire operations, including booking, trip planning, hub management, delivery, POD, and invoicing.


www.ratelinx.com | 480-801-5500

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Global, multimodal TMS that includes small parcel natively, giving users a full transportation and data management solution. Carrier compliance, data integration, and no professional service fees.

SaaS Transportation

www.web.saastransportation.com | 901-832-2401

PRODUCT: SaaS Transportation
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: For 3PLs, freight payment companies, and shippers. Uses API, EDI and contract management technology to integrate with hundreds of trading partners. Automates the entire LTL lifecycle from quoting/carrier selection to shipment execution and visibility to final delivery and settlement.


www.shipwell.com | 512-333-0898

PRODUCT: Shipwell
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Combines transportation management, visibility, and an integrated partner network in one simple and responsive platform that scales as a business grows.


www.softeon.com | 703-833-2848

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Manages complex transportation needs with strong parcel shipping functionality and support for private fleets and dynamic routing.


www.swanleap.com | 608-709-8050

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Mode-agnostic global TMS platform provides real-time interconnectivity of the entire supply chain. Cloud architecture enables scalability according to business needs.


www.tecsys.com | 800-922-8649

PRODUCT: Tecsys Elite TMS
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Enables strategic transportation planning and execution for common carrier or proprietary courier fleets. Helps organizations achieve the dependability, transparency, and efficiency of a world-class distribution courier throughout the entire chain of delivery—from orders and drivers to fleets and routes.

TMC, a Division of C.H. Robinson

www.chrobinson.com | 800-967-9619

PRODUCT: Navisphere
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: A single-instance technology platform that serves all modes and regions. Provides global visibility, mode/route optimization, shipment tender, freight payment, language and currency capabilities, and business intelligence.

TransAmerica Express Logistics

www.transamericaexp.com | 916-543-1704

PRODUCT: TransAmerica Express TMS
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Versatile logistics management solution created to provide businesses with enhanced route plans, quick execution, and unrestricted accessibility.


www.translogisticsinc.com | 610-280-3210

PRODUCT: ViewPoint 2.0
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Accommodates multiple transportation modes including LTL and TL. Features dynamic metrics/reporting and tracking. Offers the ability to quote shipments, retrieve POD documents and tender freight directly to carriers.

Transportation Insight Holding Company

www.tiholdco.com | 770-509-9611

PRODUCT: Beon Shipper
PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Streamlines shippers’ efforts into one digital platform to gain visibility, speed, and control. Enables smarter shipping through access to 80,000+ carriers while saving money, delivering efficiencies and driving best practices throughout the organization.


www.TransportGistics.com | 631-567-4100

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Provides simple, incremental solutions to improve, monitor, and enforce compliance among partners. Reduces, uncovers and avoids excessive costs through planning, execution, and analytics.

Trimble Transportation

transportation.trimble.com | 866-914-5299

PRODUCTS: TMW.Suite, TruckMate, Innovative TMS
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based
DESCRIPTION: TMW.Suite serves as the end-to-end business growth platform for commercial and private carriers, brokers, 3PLs and other transportation enterprises. TruckMate is a comprehensive dispatch, operations, and accounting system. Innovative TMS is a comprehensive order-to-cash solution with fully integrated accounting and other back-office tools.


www.uroute.net | 313-600-5308

PLATFORM: Cloud based
DESCRIPTION: Interactive and shipper-focused. Strictly providing software only to UROUTE shippers allows an unbiased freight procurement network. Also offers data-driven analytics, automated optimization, e-bill audit and freight appointment scheduler.

Varsity Logistics

www.varsitylogistics.com | 650-392-7979

PRODUCT: Varsity Logistics
PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally)
DESCRIPTION: Plug-and-play, multi-carrier shipping solution built for the IBM platform with native, seamless integration with ERP or warehouse management systems.