3 Ways Retailers Can Get on the Fast Track to Digital Transformation

Retailers can use these three practical tips to successfully execute their digital transformation:

Make digital moves your strategy centerpiece: Develop a mobile and web commerce initiative right away. Assume people are using your app or web commerce interface for the first time. This is because the number of new users is vastly increasing as a result of the pandemic. To speed time to market, utilize standard approaches for logging in and registering users, shopping carts, and payment methods.

Connect systems to please customers: If you decide to build a mobile ordering app or an e-commerce website, integrate them closely with existing store and warehouse operations to provide accurate inventory and in-store pickup options. There have been numerous accounts of retailers accepting orders that are subsequently canceled because they didn’t have accurate inventory. Get ahead of this by ensuring systems are mapped accurately and data is updated in real-time.

Enable a touchless experience: Once you have the basics down, focus on more complex things, such as providing users with the ability to understand how busy the store is for in-person shopping and what options are available for curbside pickup, contactless payments, and in-app delivery. Consider adding recommendations or location-specific personalization to ensure users can easily find what they are looking for in the store or consider including a tool that remembers their unique preferences for future visits.

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