5 Tips for Choosing a Logistics Provider

Especially during times of global volatility and evolving marketplaces, an experienced logistics provider is a critical business decision. Vincent Touya, managing director of Dachser USA, offers these considerations for choosing a provider that will meet your expectations and business objectives.

1. Strong reputation and knowledge of your industry. The reputation of a logistics provider plays an important role. A provider must adapt to customer needs and satisfy demand with best-in-class service focused on cost efficiencies and superior quality. Find a provider that has proven knowledge in your business area.

2. Logistics management from start to finish. To facilitate logistics management, choose a provider with the expertise and resources to manage transportation logistics in an integrated way, as well as specific storage and value-added services, without neglecting details, such as packing and security, that make the difference in handling freight.

3. Worldwide presence. A provider that has developed specialized services according to market demands will help companies find solutions anywhere in the world. Having a strong presence in these markets ensures a single point of contact throughout the process. In addition, the diversity of customs regulations and individual security precautions of destination countries can create obstacles. With a provider that operates internationally, you gain the market knowledge, including customs regulations and foreign trade compliance, of other parts of the world.

4. Security and technology. Consider how the logistics provider will ensure the safe delivery of a shipment from the moment it leaves the facility to the final destination. This is especially important when handling dangerous goods. Transparency and integration of IT systems for transport and warehouse management also is vital. Ideally, the IT service provider operates with unified global core systems enabling seamless information flow.

5. Covers all modes. For air, maritime, and domestic transportation, strict criteria for selecting a logistics provider ensures consistent quality levels.

  • For air cargo, look for a supplier with high output frequencies, consolidation services, direct cargo and charter services, as well as express services.
  • For maritime cargo, check if the product portfolio includes consolidated cargo services, project shipments, container service or containerized cargo stations.
  • A supplier with a strong overland transport network ensures goods are delivered quickly and safely from door to door.

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