A Single Point of Contact Offers A Dynamic Supply Chain Solution – SEKO

A Single Point of Contact Offers A Dynamic Supply Chain Solution – SEKO

The Challenge

TruGolf’s rapid growth drove them from being a niche within a niche to becoming a staple in the industry. As the leader in indoor golf simulator technology, TruGolf’s award-winning software recreates the artistry of the game by bringing an outdoor sport indoors.

Offering a wide range of options, TruGolf’s simulation software, E6Golf, provides the most realistic virtual golf experience and most precise swing analytics available anywhere.

TruGolf initially used several providers, resulting in delayed and lost shipments and miscommunication. Not being experts in logistics, TruGolf struggled to find a single point of contact who could guide them in the problem-solving and decision-making process—resulting in ineffective time management and unhappy partners.

The Solution

SEKO provided TruGolf with a single point of contact who was always “in the loop.” With their award-winning technology, paired with a single point of contact and 24/7 team, SEKO provided TruGolf with the resources to problem solve and take dynamic action.

Due to the increased partner communication and shipment solutions, TruGolf has gained an increased relationship with the end user. Damage claims and lost freight were reduced drastically, and due to the affluent customer base and fragile nature of goods, TruGolf was able to attain the accountability and discretion they so needed.

Benefits of the SEKO Solution:

  • Direct point of contact to address any and all logistics needs.
  • Increased communication and efficiency resulting in an increased product demand.
  • 40 percent reduction in damaged goods and lost freight.
  • MySEKO technology deployed for simplicity and visibility.

“Because of the personal relationship we have with SEKO, we have the accountability that helps us have a better personal relationship with our end users and business partners. With SEKO, we are only a phone call away from knowing what’s going on or being able to solve any sort of problem that could arise. With a robust five-year plan including expansion into Europe and Asia, we want to have a relationship with a partner and carrier that can grow with us.”

—Mason Jones
Marketing Director, TruGolf

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To learn more about SEKO’s solutions, call 630-919-4966, email [email protected], or visit www.sekologistics.com.

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