Best in Class for 3PL Selection Criteria

Best in Class for 3PL Selection Criteria

It’s crucial that you find the contract logistics provider that’s the best fit for your business. Here are some expert tips to ensure success.

Selecting a contract logistics provider requires careful consideration of various factors to find the best fit for your business needs. Factors such as the leadership team, culture, expertise, technology, and financial strength should be evaluated.

Leadership Team & Culture

The leadership team’s tenure, customer-centricity, and engagement are essential factors to consider. The executive team’s support is vital for contract logistics, as operations must adapt to changes in the market.

It is important to assess the company’s culture, as this is often cited as a differentiator. Touring the warehouse and observing employee engagement, leadership presence, and hiring processes can help assess cultural fit.

Facilities/Operational Experience

Facilities and operational experience are also important factors to consider. Tours of potential provider sites can give an idea of layout, labor management, security, and general housekeeping. The company’s capabilities should be aligned with your needs, and it should be open to sharing similar capabilities with you.


Evaluating technology is crucial, particularly the Warehouse Management System and Integration Platform. The WMS should be industry-leading, highly configurable, and able to adapt to changes in business needs. The integration platform should meet all your integration needs without requiring you to make changes to your systems. These supply chain solutions should be managed and administered by an experienced IT team.

Financial Strength

Before signing a contract, investigating the provider’s financial stability and strength is crucial. Look for a partner that invests in facilities, systems, equipment, and human resources necessary for optimal logistics solutions.


In summary, the decision to select a contract logistics provider comes down to finding the partner with the closest fit for acting as an extension of your brand. The ideal partner efficiently handles the supply chain, advances customer service, reduces costs, and emphasizes core capabilities. The leadership team, culture, expertise, technology, and financial strength of the provider are all important factors to consider when selecting an optimal contract logistics provider.