How To Not Get ‘Dissed’

In the parlance of the street, getting “dissed” means getting disrespected. In the business realm, many intermediaries, or middlemen (distributors, for example) are worried about getting dissed another way, falling victim to the disintermediation trend. That’s a lot of alphabet, but it means simply that technology, the Internet, and the need for corporate efficiency has […]

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Thinking of Outsourcing? Ask Me Two Questions

A potential customer who was considering outsourcing her logistics operations recently asked me two thoughtful questions. The questions are fundamental, yet critical to ensuring that you, as the customer, share with your 3PL providers a common understanding of the task at hand. Her first question: What is logistics? The proliferation of logistics directories illustrates the […]

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JIT II Partnerships Require Leap of Faith

United Printing was in the unique position in 1986 to be part of Bose Corporation’s now-famous JIT II experiment. Under this new approach to managing business logistics, Bose consolidated all its printing with one JIT II partner—United Printing—in exchange for immediate cost reduction, an inplant representative, and a defined ceiling on all pricing. Twelve years […]

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Force of Nature

Say what you want about the trucking industry, but it has never been more exciting for carriers. Opportunities for growth are great, but “little” errors or lack of vision can have fatal results. What fun, as customers pull carriers in seemingly opposite directions. Demands for inventory reduction and the resultant “efficiency” mindset drives this trend, […]

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Warehouse Management Takes on the Supply Chain

Extending themselves beyond the four walls of the warehouse and into the world of the supply chain, Warehouse Management Systems have become powerful tools. Most now serve one of the three key functions of the supply chain – source, make and distribute – as defined by SCOR. The evolution from warehouse preoccupation to distribution management […]

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Homayoun Taherian

All You Need To Know About Co-loading

Many businesses are unfamiliar with the concept of co-loading, and wonder whether this practice can benefit their operations. Here are some answers to common questions about co-loading. What is co-loading? Co-loading is the equivalent of ride sharing for freight transportation. It is the consolidation of shipments across multiple companies on the same transportation vehicles. Companies […]

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