In Allocating Virus Crisis Relief, U.S. Policymakers Can’t Ignore America’s Ports

COVID-19 has profoundly altered our ways of life. Thankfully, one aspect has remained relatively stable…the movement of essential goods through our ports. During the pandemic, America’s ports have ensured store shelves remain stocked and commerce continues to flow. Due to the supply chain in which ports are a central link, people have been able to […]

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The Great Freight Debate: What’s Next for the Industry?

Several months into the pandemic, trends are emerging across the freight landscape that could shine a light on what the future may hold. The abrupt changes in demand of various items sent supply chains hurdling in different directions, with new, unforeseen consequences emerging from a world sheltering in place. Plans were quickly squashed, and forecasts […]

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5 Tips for Evaluating Logistics Service Providers

During the last decade, companies have increased their spend with outsourced logistics service providers in the United States. This increased spending and continued growth in the logistics services industry have led to continuous improvement within the field, and also rising consumer expectations. As a business owner looking to select a best-fit provider for your company, […]

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Mike Wychocki

Automating Short-Haul Intermodal with Electrified Overhead Rail

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, container shipping was hit as hard as any industry. In the best of times, this vast, labor-intensive network is prone to worker and truck driver shortages, unbalanced hand-offs between distribution nodes, and traffic gridlock and movement lockdowns. In the worst of times, like the pandemic, they face additional delays caused by customs clearance inspections, ports and crew refusals to address certain vessels, and operational shutdowns for decontamination.

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Chris Gutierrez

Becoming the Next Leading Logistics Hub

More and more consumers turned to e-commerce and online grocery sales for their purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding pressure on the supply chain and making the location of distribution and fulfillment centers even more important.

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Ryan Richard

Online Grocery Shifts into Hyperspeed

The retail grocery industry was upended by the COVID-19 outbreak. As consumers rushed to stock up on food and other items during quarantine, retailers and their partners collaborated in new ways to respond to skyrocketing demand.

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