Combating Labor Shortages: New Warehouse Tech Offers a Competitive Edge

Combating Labor Shortages: New Warehouse Tech Offers a Competitive Edge

Innovative technology increases productivity, combats unpredictability, and streamlines processes. An augmented, connected worker is more efficient and more valuable than ever before.

As we’ve learned over the past year and a half, unanticipated changes to the supply chain can have a massive ripple effect on warehouses and entire industries. The COVID-19 pandemic created logistical obstacles and made getting goods from point A to point Z a lot more difficult.

Moreover, U.S. labor shortages have posed a challenge: There are major worker shortages in the United States and e-commerce, a surging industry, feels that. According to Indeed, there are more than 7 million open jobs across the country.

One of our premium partners is Procensis. Their clients seek network, device, and convergence technologies to achieve effective workflows, and ultimately, gain a competitive edge. Jobs are available, which means people have an increasing number of choices when looking for jobs, and they often look for those with improved technology that allows them to receive incentives.

Innovative technology is indeed paving the way for countering the unexpected and helping companies increase productivity, while combating unpredictability and streamlining processes. Mastering micro efficiencies helps companies see the bigger picture and prepare for whatever may come. New technology is also empowering workers—an augmented, connected worker is more efficient and more valuable than ever before.

The Challenges of the New Warehouse

With the global shift toward e-commerce, focus on speed and accuracy of distribution has never been more important. Tightening labor markets paired with increased demand are forcing companies to quickly expand their warehouse data entry operations to increase productivity. Retailers and their warehousing and fulfillment operations are caught in the crosshairs of this dramatic shift, as are the technologies, labor, and work site procedures for stocking goods, managing inventories, and fulfilling orders.

Online ordering has dramatically changed the layout of warehouse workflows, how pickers perform their tasks, and the devices and technologies which support them. The explosion in online ordering during the pandemic led to workers each day picking far more "eaches," or much smaller, individual orders, often one or two items to a box.

That, coupled with a shortage of workers in some companies, creates a need for greater efficiency and connected devices that work together to maximize speed and efficiency.

A Bundled Solution to Maximize Efficiency

New warehouse solutions apply technologies and devices uniquely suited for today’s high-velocity e-commerce environment—and support the heightened health and safety needs of essential warehouse workers. To us at ProGlove, it is extremely important to work with organizations that are investing in their workers to ensure they are as productive as possible. And the more up-to-date technology the warehouse workers have, the easier the job. That can increase worker satisfaction.

Procensis uses two components to solve this problem for customers: a durable smartphone—the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro—paired with a wearable scanner to collect the data—the ProGlove MARK Display. Such solutions are easily deployable: It can be in workers’ hands—ready to use—in as little as five days.

Ivanti Velocity software integrates the units and provides a connecting interface through the wireless network to the warehouse management system (WMS) platform.

Popularity of Hands-Free in the Warehouse

Static workstations and legacy hardware impede productivity. As a consequence, processes can’t match the rapid fluctuations in e-commerce transactions. It enables higher pick productivity and safety. Procensis works to overcome this challenge by applying its technology to the forefront. The worker is hands-free for tasks such as climbing a ladder or operating a forklift.

Upgrading to a mobile-first strategy and enabling workers with untethered wearable solutions addresses these issues. When access to materials handling systems is optimized for worker ergonomics with smart wearables, companies will see gains in accuracy and efficiency.

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