Control Tower Approach Drives Visibility, Aids Planning and Supply Chain Reliability

Control Tower Approach Drives Visibility, Aids Planning and Supply Chain Reliability

LANXESS, a global specialty chemicals supplier, selected Odyssey Logistics & Technology to track multiple assets for four business units that provide products across 33 countries.

The Challenge

References to control towers generally conjure up mental images of tall buildings lurking in the middle of airports that are filled with air traffic controllers hovering over numerous radar screens to ensure every aircraft departs and arrives safely. While there may not be a physical “tower,” a supply chain and logistical control tower works in a similar fashion, providing visibility across multiple operations, assets, and services. When LANXESS was challenged with managing a variety of assets across multiple partners and countries such as ocean containers, rail cars or ISO tanks, its team turned to Odyssey to help track these resources.

The core business for LANXESS is developing, manufacturing, and marketing chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals, and plastics. The challenge was to integrate all assets across four LANXESS business units servicing 60 production sites worldwide so that the internal customer team can see where their products are dwelling at any given time.

The Solution

Prior to deploying Odyssey’s custom-designed control tower, LANXESS was receiving GPS data from three different device providers in varying formats with no way to overlay the location information. Odyssey now gathers all this data, integrates it into their centralized control tower and then distributes it in a consistent format—ultimately improving visibility, while saving time and money.

Going one step further, Odyssey also built geofences around storage depots and LANXESS plants. LANXESS now knows what assets are sitting, where they are dwelling and how long they may have been stagnant. This helps them keep products moving within close proximity to a LANXESS production facility and customer location. The many parts in the LANXESS supply chain are now aggregated and completely visible for employees around the world through clean data that goes up to five layers, drilling down to a business unit level as well as product level.

The Odyssey-designed LANXESS control tower provides an integrated overview that allows the team to maximize customer service and overall efficiency by aligning all assets. This facilitates improved upstream planning to consistently meet production cycles. The increased visibility and rich data also aid LANXESS in scheduling equipment maintenance, which is valuable in keeping assets online and at the ready. And, when there is a significant weather or in-transit event, the visibility of asset type and status is invaluable in preventing a supply chain disruption, allowing the team to source another alternative to deliver for their customers.

Whether transporting chemicals, raw materials or food, Odyssey has the expertise to create a targeted, comprehensive control tower solution that addresses a client’s unique set of challenges, systems, products, and vision.

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