Drained Lithium Batteries Get a Life

Drained Lithium Batteries Get a Life

A team of scientists from the Department of Energy and Stanford found a way to revive dead lithium-ion batteries, extending their battery life up to 30%.

The lithium-ion batteries found in most modern electric vehicles (EVs) tend to lose energy capacity as they get charged, spent, and re-charged. That happens because small bits of lithium get cut off from the battery’s electrodes during the charging process. The scientists discovered how to reactivate the "dead" lithium that causes EV batteries to lose capacity.

The diminishing usefulness of its battery is a major criticism of EV adoption. If this new technology can extend battery usefulness, that means fewer emissions and lower-priced EVs that are more accessible to shippers.

The scientists validated the results of their study with multiple test batteries and through computer simulations. The results also demonstrate how isolated lithium ions could be recovered in a real battery by changing the charging protocol.

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