GOOD QUESTION | What’s your supply chain resolution for 2017?

GOOD QUESTION | What’s your supply chain resolution for 2017?

“We need to double down on technology. Global supply chains are a chess match, and everyone still seems to want to play checkers with Excel spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. I’m going to use technology to become Bobby Fischer.”

Jeff Wehner
Co-founder and COO, Haven

We will continue to promote a responsible and ethical supply chain, working with all of our suppliers to ensure safe working and living conditions and that sourcing commitments are met while raising the standards of the treatment of workers.

Jose Varela
Vice President
3M Personal Safety Division

Not to trust all statistics or polls. Supply chains are becoming too unique to each company, so like we learned during the election, you can’t trust all the data when it has been skewed or doesn’t apply to your specific problem.

J.P. Wiggins
Vice President of Logistics, 3Gtms

I am targeting wasteful spending within my operations to identify where I can save some money. Cost per pound is a great metric to use to get that transportation cost below 35 percent of warehousing and transportation budgets. Let’s rock it in 2017!

Jessica Hillyer
National Account Executive
LeSaint Logistics

Increasing predictability. As the supply chain continues to evolve and change to meet changing consumer preferences, demand and a focus on areas like supply chain optimization are even more important today to embrace technology to enable accurate and timely forecasting.

Reinhard Steup
Senior Manager
HAVI Supply Chain Management

Some companies still have no plan for HS 2017 reform. It impacts 200+ countries and territories, tariff schedules, trade agreements, government regulations, and multiple systems, and can lead to a rocky transition if you were not ready on Jan. 1, 2017.

Preston Barton
VP, Sales, Content Business, Descartes

Our focus for 2017 is to continue to simplify the supply chain for SMEs: offering more online services to allow every business to competitively trade across the global supply chain—no matter what their size.

Tarek Sultan
CEO and Vice Chairman, Agility

Helping our customers become supply chain-first businesses in order to uncover new ways to innovate and outpace their competition—all by utilizing the latest cloud and AI technologies that define the autonomous supply chain.

Shariq Mansoor
CEO, FusionOps

Our supply chain resolution for 2017 is to provide Amazon-level logistics to small businesses that are selling on their own websites. We will enable them with standard two-day and (even faster!) shipping without charging them exorbitant amounts so they are able to establish a brand for themselves and are able to control the customer experience, end-to-end.

Divey Gulati
Co-Founder, Shipbob

I plan to continue to design and implement innovative supply chain solutions that will evolve with the industry. As supply chains play a critical role in businesses now more than ever before, getting the right product delivered to the consumer in the most time-sensitive manner possible will become increasingly crucial as retailers seek to establish their brands via customer retention and loyalty, as well as product awareness. All it takes is one poor customer ordering experience to have a negative effect on the business—and it starts with the supply chain.

John Heffernan
SVP, Global Operations, ModusLink

Build stronger partnerships with our customers and carriers in order to take full advantage of their strengths, identify their areas of opportunity, and further eliminate inefficiencies within our networks.

Marty Graham
Vice President, Logistics Services, ArrowStream

My resolution is to continue to expand on the construction management side of our business in the utility sector by devoting additional time and resources to offer new services to our existing and prospective clients.

Jordan Mock
Director, Global Logistics,
AGT Global Logistics

To cut the fat from our customers’ and prospective customers’ supply chains; employing proven shipping best practices via our proprietary TMS and dedicated logistics teams that will drive in transit visibility, tender acceptance, improved carrier performance, and sustainable savings initiatives.

Tracy Meetre
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Sunset Transportation

We resolve to tie our wagon to the new pro-business Administration and start enjoying less regulation, better profits, and a positive business environment that translates to better conditions for middle-class workers.

Larry Hall
Principal and Founder
Logistics Planning Services (LPS)

Service to our customers and carriers is top priority. In 2017 we’ll work to be in front of our customers through travel and regular communication. Understanding our customers’ and carriers’ needs is imperative. Both are key to business success!

Landon Weninger
Logistics Manager, LPS

Trade policy will create volatility in even the most efficient commodity supply chains. 2017 is about reducing the risk and cost of those changes for our customers.

Matt Tillman
CEO, Haven

Retailers will resolve to ditch the spreadsheets and start shopping like consumers in connected B2B marketplaces. Collaboration and idea sharing should be top priority, as well as trading public tools like Pinterest for ones that offer better IP security.



Sue Welch

CEO, Bamboo Rose

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