Managing the Successful Delivery of Autoclaves and Work Tanks Using Multiple Modes of Transport

Managing the Successful Delivery of Autoclaves and Work Tanks Using Multiple Modes of Transport

Logistics Plus once again finds a way to say “yes” by managing the transportation, delivery, and installation of two autoclaves and work tanks from Houston to Little Rock.


Logistics Plus (LP) is a leading worldwide provider of transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, business intelligence, technology, and supply chain solutions. In early 2022, the LP Project Cargo team was tasked with transporting two autoclaves and work tanks from a barge in Houston to the client’s job site in Little Rock.


The autoclaves each weighed 227,000 lbs. with shipping dimensions of (mm) 51,000 L x 4,080 W x 3,765 H. The work tanks each weighed 123,000 lbs. with shipping dimensions of (mm) 50,500 L x 3,500 W x 3,427 H.


The LP Project Cargo team quickly assembled a team of engineers, project cargo managers, and partners to plan out and execute every step of this challenging, oversized move. The team began using 3D modeling software and step-by-step plan sheets for accuracy.

The large autoclaves could only be lifted by designated support points approximately 140 feet apart and had to be fully supported when they were not being lifted. This required using a barge transport to ensure they were flat and fully supported, as trucking or rail solutions would not have been able to accomplish this for the safety of the cargo.

Once at the destination barge terminal, Logistics Plus sourced a lift utilizing an LTM1750 900-ton crane at maximum safety-rated capacity using a custom-engineered and fabricated spreader bar of 140 feet. The barge terminal dock also had to be engineered to ensure its structural integrity to simultaneously support the massive crane and equipment.

Specific steel and timber mats were required to be installed at specific structural locations on the dock to comply with the engineering requirements for a safe operation.

At the final delivery site, Logistics Plus utilized a system of SPMT and dollies to position the autoclaves inside the building. The LP team used an overhead gantry for final placement and installation.


By utilizing multiple transportation methods, lifting, and rigging, Logistics Plus delivered the client’s cargo safely and effectively with extremely challenging handling conditions. Ultimately, the autoclaves and work tanks were delivered and installed with zero incidents and zero damage.

As a 21st-century logistics company, Logistics Plus leveraged its can-do culture, years of project cargo experience, and network of resources to successfully execute this project.

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