Offering Turnkey Solutions to Support Transload Customers

Offering Turnkey Solutions to Support Transload Customers

When a chemical distributor needed to get their products to non-rail-served locations, RSI Logistics’ transloading operations and value-add services provided the solution.


A chemical distributor recently presented RSI Logistics with a challenge. They were awarded a contract for regional distribution of chemicals used in the water treatment process; however, they had a problem. They needed to get their product to the regions they were awarded, and they wanted to implement rail shipping to capitalize on the savings over long-haul trucking.

Unfortunately, the locations they needed to distribute their product to were not rail served, meaning a rail track did not connect. Furthermore, their product required careful handling due to the potentially hazardous nature of the chemical, which requires specialty handling materials to enable a safe transload.

As a result, they wanted to employ transloading operations and ship their product by rail nearly the entire way, then transfer the product from the railcar and onto a truck, which would complete the last segment of the journey. Their problem was they had little prior experience with transloading, and none in that particular region.

They needed to secure terminal spaces, facilitate locations, and find rail and truck carriers that serviced their industry and products. Most importantly, they needed an experienced partner that could provide them with best practices and the expertise to address any challenges that may arise.


RSI Logistics’ leasing and transloading experts provided not just answers to the chemical distributor’s shipping challenges, but also provided them with the knowledge and best practices to be able to succeed in the future.

First, RSI assisted them in locating potential terminal spaces and facilitated the setup of these locations as quickly as possible to accommodate the chemical distributor’s need for timeliness. RSI helped them to research locations that would be appropriate for their product.

Because they were shipping a chemical utilized in the water treatment process, they required facilities that could take hazardous product from specialized railcars and safely transload them onto trucks. Some of those facilities were RSI-operated locations, which allowed RSI to quickly develop the sites to accommodate their needs.

Next RSI assisted with identifying and implementing carrier options. Once terminal locations were identified, RSI identified and qualified truck carriers to ensure they would be able to handle the specialized chemicals—ultimately, providing the chemical distributor with local carrier options that can safely transport their products.

Lastly, because of RSI’s extensive transloading experience, we provided transloading process documentation and operator training, as well as implemented ongoing customer service. RSI’s asset-based, industry-leading transloading operations and value-add services allow us to offer turnkey solutions that can quickly accommodate new transload customers.

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