Our Daily Mantra: Keep Those Containers Moving

Suppliers face many challenges as they work to fulfill the needs and interests of their customers. They have plenty to worry and wonder about until a job is completed.

But there are two questions in particular that can cause sleepless nights if they don’t get the right answers: Where are my containers? When will I get them back?

At RoadLink, we decided early on that we would have the right answers to these questions. Globalization of companies has made it even more complex to create effective supply chains. It is critical to have systems in place that can track containers and bring them back to suppliers rapidly and efficiently.

Increased imports have brought heavy congestion at the major ports of entry in the United States. Suppliers are anxious to have containers unloaded from ships, taken to their destinations and emptied quickly so they can be put back into service.

But far too frequently, containers can be out there for up to 25 days before they are rounded up and returned.

That isn’t acceptable to RoadLink and it certainly should not be acceptable to suppliers.

RoadLink has dramatically reduced the turnaround time for emptying and returning supply containers thanks to a series of “goods” – a good footprint for our logistics services, good personnel, good technology and a good strategic plan.

We have technology that allows our customers to track containers at all times. They know where their containers are and how soon they will be back.

RoadLink also has the capability of emptying containers on the spot at ports so they can be returned to ships immediately for reuse. This is achieved through our unique network of companies that provide a broad range of services to suppliers.

Our national footprint for logistics services is the largest among independently owned intermodal companies.

RoadLink’s resources include convenient service locations from coast-to-coast and more than 2,200 trucks and 2,000 drivers.

Expansion plans are in place to increase our capacity to become a dominant player in every intermodal market. Industry leading information management systems also allow our customers to have shipment visibility nationwide.

RoadLink takes pride in the strong reputation it enjoys for getting the job done. We credit that to our human resources. Our ability to execute is based on good operators who know how to make technology and strategic planning work to the customers’ best advantage.

Since our company began concentrating more on the strategic perspectives of enabling technology, RoadLink has broadened its service capabilities and places greater emphasis on added value initiatives for our customers.

The key in logistics services is to uncover trends in the industry and make certain your company is in position to respond. Shipping companies are now looking for one stop providers. That is why RoadLink has put together a network of companies that can provide all services – from delivery of goods to loading and unloading.

Over the past six months, RoadLink has quickly expanded and now includes Unity Distribution Group, Reserve Transportation Services, Transus, World Super Services and Staffworks, Inc.

Unity is a Midwest leader in international drayage and Reserve provides intermodal trucking services in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and the Chicago metro area.

Transus plays a leading role in delivering intermodal service in the Southeast.

World Super Services is the nation’s largest provider of unloading services with a wide range of distribution and supply chain support.

Staffworks, Inc. is a leader in product handling, warehouse operations and transportation management services.

The acquisition of Staffworks and WSS with 1,900 staff associates has given RoadLink significant staffing capabilities it can now provide for its customers.

This network of services allows us to play an intermediary role for a wide variety of businesses – shipping lane companies, rail companies, intermodal marketing companies and third party logistics companies.

We serve as a conduit that enables them to do their work effectively and on time. We also provide services directly to beneficial cargo owners.

Regardless which role we play as an intermodal solutions provider, our goals and guidelines remain the same. The keys to success are the relationship and service alliances we have established with our valued customers.

By providing dependable service, leading edge technology and a streamlined delivery system, RoadLink is striving to be this industry’s recognized market leader.

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