PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Fulfillment Innovations

  • Kardex Remstar vertical buffer module: The LR 35 vertical buffer module is designed to pick small parts quickly in warehouses. It comes with picking software that lets users optimize routes and accurately pick goods. Additionally, the module easily integrates into existing systems and serves as a storage solution as well.
  • UNEX roller rack: Designed to boost order picking efficiency, the roller rack improves sight lines and access to products for warehouse workers. Inventory is replenished from the back without interrupting order picking in front. SKU storage is up to seven times denser per bay than pallet rack storage, which means up to 80% less travel time for pickers.
  • FlexQube eQart: This autonomous and remote-controlled cart can be configured in almost any shape as it is comprised of FlexQube building blocks fitted with digital modules such as motors, battery, control unit, and sensors. Users can build a wide variety of sizes and top structures to fit their materials handling and fulfillment needs.

  • BG sorter: Beumer Group’s high-performance sorter handles a wide mix of products quickly and precisely. Users can select the discharge speed depending on the product. The system maximizes the belt surface and reduces the risk of items getting stuck between trays, minimizing collisions and downtime.
  • EuroSort cross tray sorter: This sorter system can handle non-conveyable, fragile, and lightweight items using a positive mechanical divert that can sort in both directions, using a simple divert mechanism that avoids expensive motors in the carriers. To support speedy fulfillment operations, the cross tray system can sort items at throughputs of up to 9,600 items/hour.
  • Cubiscan 125: Designed to measure and weigh small parts, apparel, boxed and unboxed items, the system can improve carton size selection and shipment manifesting. To make dimensioning SKUs efficient, it features one-touch dimensioning for boxes and a gate-swinging feature for unique shapes. It uses both infrared and ultrasonic sensing technologies to measure and weigh items.
  • Montech TB30 low-profile conveyor: The TB30 conveyor’s modular design allows for quick assembly and reconfiguration. Multiple belt types are available, and either a single or dual-belt configuration can be used on the chassis. For transporting larger pallets or other rigid, fixed-dimension products, the TB30 comes in a tandem chassis configuration.
  • VanRiet HC sorter: Designed to support high throughputs, the HC Sorter can sort small and thin products, such as mobile phones or polybags, as well as large packages weighing up to 110 pounds. The HC Sorter has a closed deck that ensures no dirt or pieces of cardboard get stuck inside the sorter. The deck also minimizes noise and promotes safe working conditions for warehouse staff.

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