PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Safety and Ergonomics

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Safety and Ergonomics

 •  HeroWear Apex 2: The latest version of HeroWear’s back-assist exosuit helps warehouse workers perform movements such as lifting and sustained or repeated bending. The Apex 2 weighs less than 3 pounds and can take 75 pounds of strain off a typical worker’s back with every lift. It reduces muscle strain and fatigue by up to 40% without motors or batteries, reducing the risk of back injury without restricting freedom of movement.

Yale Reliant•  Yale Reliant Operator Assistance: The operator assistance solution—now available on 18 Yale lift truck models—uses multiple detection technologies to monitor the surrounding environment and the status of the lift truck and load, and implements automatic performance controls. Yale Reliant provides warnings and assists with operator awareness by proactively reducing truck speed if it detects pedestrians, other trucks, or obstacles in the monitored area.

Treston Edge•  Treston Quick Edge Workstation: This industrial workstation lets operators adjust the desk’s height according to the needs of the application and to workers’ standing heights. Pictured is the workstation above a conveyor line. Treston also recently released a lifting platform on which workers can stand to further adapt the working height to the requirements of employees, the task, or the items being processed.

Raymond•  Raymond 8810 Side Entry Pallet Truck: The pallet truck from the Raymond Corporation offers easy access from either side and is designed for a wide range of materials handling and order picking applications. Providing ergonomic features, Model 8810 allows operators to ride more comfortably. Available with Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE telematics, Model 8810 gives fleet and facility managers the ability to acquire and analyze fleet, asset, and workforce data.

Combi-Cube •  COMBi-CUBE: The new electric forklift from Combilift incorporates ergonomic features that improve handling procedures and provide driver comfort. The multidirectional truck’s bright green color is easily visible for improved safety. Additionally, the driver’s position in the center of the cab offers room and visibility. The angle of the telescopic steering column can be adjusted and the Grammer MSG65 seat, combined with hydraulic cabin mounts, provides a comfortable ride.

AutoStore FusionPort•  AutoStore FusionPort and FusionPort Staging: The new workstations from AutoStore feature improved ergonomics for greater operator productivity. FusionPort has two tilted order-picking bin openings and visual picking aids. These features reduce the repetitive movements operators make as they transfer inventory from one location to another, while streamlining order picking by providing visual cues with a pick-to-light system for easy item identification. The station also includes a safety hatch that makes the bins accessible only when the port is ready for picking.

Roly Safety Gate:•  Roly Safety Gate: The updated pallet drop safety gate from Mezzanine Safeti-Gates protects both people and products. The Roly design includes a high-strength, high-visibility netting system on the ledge side gate that prevents products from falling from elevated storage systems. In addition, the netting on the safety gates prevents employees from getting their hands into the loading zone.

Hyster Dynamic Stability System (DSS)•  Hyster Dynamic Stability System (DSS): The Hyster DSS comes standard on the A Series (pictured), a new line of forklifts that offer configurability to match operational requirements. The stability system on the trucks lowers the likelihood of forward and sideway tip overs. The solution not only sends audible and visual alerts to operators, but automatically limits forklift functionality to promote safe operating practices in real time, while leaving the operator in control of the truck. Improving lateral stability, the system can dynamically limit speed when driving around corners based on how tightly the truck is turning.