Reviewing 2022 Shipping Challenges

Reviewing 2022 Shipping Challenges

How did shippers respond to challenges in 2022 and how do they plan to respond in 2023? That’s what Averitt’s eighth annual State of the North American Supply Chain Survey set out to discover. The survey asked 1,800 shippers about supply chain challenges in 2022 and measures their interest in various supply chain services moving forward.

Results show a mix of outcomes when compared to 2021.

  • 22% of respondents say they struggled with capacity challenges in 2022; down from 37% who reported issues in 2021.
  • 39% experienced zero challenges with truckload capacity in 2022, compared with 28% in 2021.
  • 33% encountered issues with on-time delivery performance in 2022 while 44% faced on-time delivery challenges in 2021.

Respondents seem more tempered in their expectations for 2023 when compared to the previous year’s survey:

  • 63% anticipate increased shipping volumes, which is nearly 14% lower than what was expected for 2022.
  • 23% plan to use air services in 2023—down from 32%.
  • 17% anticipate using rail services in 2023—down from 26%.