Rinchem Solves Complex Supply Chain Issues

Rinchem Solves Complex Supply Chain Issues

When a semiconductor manufacturer faced possible shutdown, Rinchem reorganized logistics assets and coordinated all moving pieces within a tight timeframe to ensure the on-time delivery of a critical chemical.


Semiconductor manufacturer supply chains are some of the most complicated and demanding in the world. Part of what makes things so complex is the nature of the products—storing, handling, transporting, and shipping dangerous goods (all of which also come with their own temperature specifications and regulations).


In a world where supply chains are experiencing daily disruptions, it’s crucial to be partnered with a company that has a culture of problem solving and one that provides the same level of urgency you have regarding your freight. And when it comes to hazardous chemicals, their volatility makes it especially important to move them within certain timeframes.

To make matters more convoluted, this unpredictability in global shipping tends to also cause a domino effect. In an industry where going “lines down” is not an option, Rinchem works to find creative solutions to ensure on-time delivery.

One of Rinchem’s customers had an issue where they depended on the delivery of a chemical. However, due to a slippage in the vessels not hitting their delivery times, this semiconductor fab was in danger of going lines down.

Rinchem needed to find a way to get the required hazardous chemical on a ship to Israel in less than 24 hours.


To pivot to a new ship within 24 hours, Rinchem needed to reorganize all the logistics and coordinate between three moving pieces—warehousing, ground transportation, and freight forwarding. Rinchem staff realized they could get the product on a ship leaving Norfolk, Virginia, but only had 9 hours to get the product from Savannah, Georgia.

Rinchem worked with its chemical warehouse based in Savannah to pull the necessary product. While the warehouse staff pre-loaded the container to execute a hook and roll, Rinchem’s asset transportation trucking company, Carolina Tank Lines, immediately pulled one of their OTR drivers in the area to grab the cargo.

Rinchem’s veteran freight forwarding team then leveraged its relationship network to hold the ship until our driver was able to arrive at the port—he was the last person through the gates that day. In the end, Rinchem was successful in getting the product on the ship and made it to Israel on time. As a result, Rinchem’s customer was able to avoid going lines down.

By using cross-sectional coordination to manage each leg of the lane, Rinchem can get things where they need to go, on time. In this niche industry, we use our 40 years of experience of managing chemical supply chains, resources, and relationships to ensure we can do what many others cannot.

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