Solved: Creating an Omnichannel Approach for a Sporting Goods Maker – Crane Worldwide Logistics

Solved: Creating an Omnichannel Approach for a Sporting Goods Maker – Crane Worldwide Logistics

The Challenge

The client is a leading global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of consumer products in the global outdoor and sporting goods market with distribution through wholesale and e-commerce retail chains.

The client faced:

  • Dependence on a primary wholesale business model for the majority of its revenue.
  • Increasing global demand for its products (9.8% CAGR in the segment).
  • Increasing buying and distribution pressures from specialty retailers.
  • Loss of large retail sporting goods chains due to bankruptcy.

The client determined that in order to remain competitive in the segment in the near and long term, it would need an omnichannel strategy that would allow its products to be distributed seamlessly via e-commerce, retail, and wholesale channels.

Realizing this would enable it to take advantage of the rapidly changing outdoor and sporting goods market, along with addressing the challenges and opportunities, it turned to Crane Worldwide Logistics to help develop this new strategy.

The Solution

Working with the client, Crane Worldwide Logistics participated in the analysis of the client’s current business model, which included a detailed review of:

  • Consumer market growth trends impacting the outdoor and sporting goods market.
  • Growth and strategic direction of wholesale customers.
  • Growth of e-commerce retail at 13% CAGR in the segment.
  • Profitability analysis of current customers and product distribution mix.
  • Review of supplier sourcing countries and current supplier relationship management programs.

This was to determine the optimal logistics network structure to support the client’s new strategy as well as allow them to establish a large online presence and branded retail chain using a small specialty store format. The proposed network structure was jointly developed using both Crane Worldwide Logistics and the client’s logistics capabilities and technology, resulting in seamless distribution to their e-commerce, retail and wholesale clients. At Crane Worldwide Logistics, we are committed to continuously seeking out innovative solutions to bring value to our clients and their customers.

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