Food Logistics

Paul Hammes

Rails Give Agricultural Industry Seeds to Grow

Freight railroads represent a critical supply chain link for agricultural product shippers. It’s not enough that railroads haul a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel—the equivalent of a standard mid-sized car getting 200 miles per gallon. To provide agricultural product shippers with the best value and service, freight […]

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Cutting Costs When Shipping Perishables

Timing is crucial when shipping perishable products because shelf life is at stake. Moving perishables domestically requires product to be inspected and released for delivery, and each state has its own agricultural regulations. Importing perishables involves a host of other issues, including clearance by three U.S. government agencies. To avoid costly delays when shipping perishables, […]

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Food Retail: It’s a Jungle Out There

I was watching The Discovery Channel with my son the other day and saw a program about a group of cheetah hunting a lone springbok. Menaced from the front, sides, and rear the antelope leapt high in the air, and dodged from side to side to escape the jaws and claws of its larger, faster […]

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