Paul Nugent: Feed the Flow

Paul Nugent: Feed the Flow

Paul Nugent is director of logistics for Kitchen and Bath Americas with Kohler Co. While Kohler is best known for plumbing products, the company also manufactures furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines, and generators. Responsibilities: Create and execute distribution and fulfillment operational strategies for manufacturing plant warehouses, logistics centers, and customers. Also responsible for operations, network design, […]

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Spencer Moore

Walmart’s ShippingPass Has Ended. What Retailers Should Do Next.

The shipping wars between Walmart and Amazon are heating up. On Jan. 31, 2017, Walmart halted its ShippingPass delivery service in exchange for free two-day shipping—signaling their latest move against Amazon. As more retailers offer free shipping, today’s consumers now expect online purchases to be delivered “fast and free.” Evolving customer expectations for delivery are […]

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Paul A. Myerson

Using Network Optimization Technology To Enable Your Lean Supply Chain

From a lean and agile supply chain perspective, an optimally designed supply chain can significantly improve margins, support expansion into new markets, enhance the customer experience, and reduce operating costs. Optimizing your supply chain network helps achieve more value and less waste through keeping lower inventories, maintaining the right stock levels, and choosing the right […]

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Nick McLean

How to Beat Amazon at the Retail and Supply Chain Game in 2017

In a recent omni-channel benchmark study, Retail Systems Research identified the top three omni-channel technology investments for retailers in 2017: Distributed Order Management – 46% planning a change, 14% with net-new budgeted projects Enterprise Content Management – 42% planning a change, 17% with net-new budgeted projects Enterprise Wide Inventory Visibility – 37% planning a change, […]

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Chris Jones

Getting the Goods on Logistics this Holiday Season

E-commerce continues to be the growth engine in retail with a 15-percent increase in 2016, according to U.S. Department of Commerce (Q2 2016 versus Q2 2015). Online shopping drives logistics growth as almost every e-commerce purchase needs to be delivered to the consumer’s home. This has resulted in increased investment and jobs in the retail […]

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Michael Elmgreen

B2B Commerce Technology Improves Fulfillment Times and Supply Management

For manufacturers and distributors, order delivery speed and product availability have never been more important. As their B2B buyers face the pressures of today’s on-demand economy, fulfillment times and availability can mean the difference between keeping a customer or not. To ensure customer satisfaction, many companies look for workflow improvements in their warehouses and distribution […]

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Ryan Kelly

Optimizing Inbound for Improved E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce is changing warehousing. Consumers want to purchase merchandise at any time, from anywhere—whether it is online, mobile, or in a store. As a result, efficient and reliable omni-channel fulfillment has become an imperative for retailers. To better align business models with the new paradigm, retailers and logistics providers are augmenting their distribution networks to […]

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Thom Campbell

Managing Warehousing Requirements During Peak Periods (Without Committing to Long-term Contracts)

Managing peak period shipment volume is a structural challenge in the U.S. economy. Those preoccupied with executing order fulfillment services spend much of the year thinking about and planning for it. The surge is a three- to four-month peak in first inbound, and then outbound shipments, with overlap. Shipments to retailers come first, followed by […]

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Jay Moris

Advantages of Waveless Order Fulfillment

Q: What is waveless order fulfillment? A: It is a software-driven order fulfillment processing methodology that continuously pulls orders into a fulfillment operation based on the availability of the resources, people, and inventory needed to fulfill orders. Q: How does waveless order fulfillment differ from wave processing? A: In traditional wave processing, a warehouse management […]

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