How to Get Profitable Insights from Fleet Data

Fleets today deal with a huge volume of data — more than they’ve ever collected before — pouring in from ELDs, dashcams and other trucking technology. It’s a double-edged sword. Data has become indispensable because it provides key insights that help inform critical business decisions and, used properly, can boost productivity and minimize expenses. However, […]

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The Secret to Combatting the Hidden Costs of Detention Time

Lengthy loading dock wait times have plagued the trucking industry for years, with serious consequences for drivers and shippers alike. Detention time—typically defined as greater than a two-hour wait—affects driver efficiency, shipping capacity and safety, with a negative financial impact for all stakeholders. And the problem is widespread. According to a survey by data analyst […]

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Safety and Shipping Report: Cyber Security, Regulation, and Cost Cutting Impacts Global Shipping

Large shipping losses have declined by 50% over the past decade, mostly driven by the development of a more robust safety environment by ship owners, according to Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE’s (AGCS) fifth annual Safety & Shipping Review 2017. There were 85 total shipping losses reported in 2016, down 16% compared with a […]

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Four Tips for Cargo Theft Prevention

Although Memorial Day can mean a three-day weekend for most, it’s also the perfect time for thieves to steal cargo. Memorial Day weekend is one of the most popular times for cargo theft with 98 cargo thefts reported in the past 4 years, according to CargoNet. In contrast to non-holiday weekends, Memorial Day weekend has […]

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Robert Finn

The Keys to Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Shipping Compliance

Dangerous goods (DG)/hazardous materials (hazmat) transport safety and compliance can be challenging, but the right infrastructure and technology can mitigate risk and give your business a competitive edge. There has always been some degree of risk involved in transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials, with the responsibility for compliance typically assigned solely to the compliance […]

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