Supply Chain Management

Kurt Cavano

Ready for the Rebound

One good thing about difficult times is they drive people to take action. It’s easy to be nonchalant about counting pennies when dollar bills are everywhere. But when things get tight, lip service surrounding efficiency and automation just won’t do. Tomorrow’s leaders are using the recession to address manual processes, paper and other inefficiencies. Using […]

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Seven Deadly Supply Chain Sins

If there is one IT system that provides the greatest immediate benefits to a company, yet also poses the greatest challenges to implement, it has to be supply chain management. It is also the most risky to work with because failure and success are so visible to your trading partners. Supply chain management (SCM) has […]

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Can being proficient in supply chain practices position you to benefit when the economy picks up and your sales take off? Matching demand signals to your supply line will help you save money, but it’s only half the story. It is a very big half, considering our never-ending quest to be cost effective or to […]

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Outsmarting Scope Creep

Scope creep. What is it? Will it hurt you? How can you avoid it? Scope creep occurs when the boundaries of an original project agreement begin to wander. It’s not uncommon to venture outside the lines and consider new ideas and approaches, but if scope creep is not effectively managed it can lead to budget […]

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Tapping Into SRM for Supply Strategy and Procurement Execution

Manufacturers today have an opportunity to leverage their supply base for competitive advantage. Unfortunately, most do not have the tools required to tap this value. For the last decade they have focused mainly on growth issues such as supply chain planning and customer relationship management. As the engine of growth has stalled, manufacturers are casting […]

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