Transportation Management

10 Ways to Gain Control Over Parcel Transportation Costs

The amount of effort shippers put into carrier management directly correlates to their success at controlling transportation costs. Incumbent carriers often know more about their client’s shipments than the shipper does. But shippers can tilt the actionable information scales in their favor to achieve lower parcel transportation costs. Here are 10 points shippers should consider […]

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Benchmarking Data Supports Pricing Decisions

Q: How can shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) ensure that their business methods and metrics conform to best practices for the industry? Schrader: The best transportation companies identify and measure their key performance indicators and strive for continuous improvement. Most companies have done a good job using their transportation management system or enterprise resource […]

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How to Select Expedited Services<br />

How to Select Expedited Services

MORE TO THE STORY: 5 Steps to Expediency, Efficiency, Economy Expedited delivery is a necessity for all companies, whether they are meeting unexpected seasonal demand or managing shipments by exception. They use expedited service to move parcel and temperature-sensitive packages, specially packaged product, oversized equipment— and everything in between. Cost is secondary to timeliness and […]

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Keith Biondo

Inbound 3.0 at Walmart

During the almost three decades that this publication has been preaching the benefits of matching demand more closely to supply, we’ve published scores of articles on Walmart’s efforts to master inbound logistics. The first major milepost along that road was acknowledging the value of controlling inbound logistics, making it a company-wide mission, and developing the […]

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Flower Power: John Kuehn<br />

Flower Power: John Kuehn

NAME: John Kuehn TITLE: Senior vice president of supply chain operations, since 2009 COMPANY: Provide Commerce Inc., San Diego, Calif. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Various operations and supply chain positions, Hewlett Packard; senior director of worldwide logistics, Apple Computer; vice president of planning and logistics, Gateway; senior vice president of planning and logistics, Provide Commerce. EDUCATION: Iowa […]

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Robert Byrne

What’s Ahead in Transportation Forecasting?

Transportation forecasts enable planners to shift from reacting to orders to proactively managing capacity. By synchronizing transport forecasts with manufacturing and distribution plans, your entire company can respond to the same demand signals. Q: Why isn’t transportation planned with the same level of rigor as finished goods? BYRNE: Transportation cannot be planned with the same […]

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Simon Kaye

Freight Forwarders: The Vital Link in Logistics Communication

Building a logistics system for today’s sourcing needs requires a quantum leap from past shipping practices, in which companies too often neglected transportation in their strategic planning. A poorly constructed or outdated supply system with inadequate communication can create unnecessary delays and expense caused by information snags, missing or ill-prepared shipping documents, and inappropriate cargo […]

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Niko Michas

Getting Off the Bench and Into Benchmarking

While watching the Cubs battle the White Sox last summer at at Wrigley Field, I realized that baseball players and supply chain professionals have a few things in common. For instance, veteran ballplayers might try to get through a game by relying on experience and talent. But, by studying strategies, statistics, and individual players, they […]

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Geoff Comrie

Immediate Steps Toward Supply Chain And Transportation Integration

Finally! Now, there is much more action toward integrating the transportation function into the Supply Chain. For years, there has been the realization of the high volume of money being wasted associated with transportation expenses—inbound, outbound and "plant-to-plant." Let’s look at some industry numbers: Overall inbound, production-related and outbound transportation is often the 3rd highest […]

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