Uniformed Booking Platform Improves Vendor Compliance

Uniformed Booking Platform Improves Vendor Compliance

A retailer needed to bring suppliers together and optimize processes so they teamed up with Unyson for a platform.



A leading retailer had difficulties managing its multi-modal transportation network that included 4,800 stores, 500 vendors, and 20 carriers. With multiple brands beneath its corporate umbrella and continuing to grow through further acquisitions, the retailer was operating several separate companies under the same roof. It needed a tool that could bring its brands’ suppliers together and optimize processes.


After analyzing the retailer’s transportation network, Unyson implemented an inbound web portal to manage all 500 vendors. This provided a consolidated platform for the previously decentralized brands to view their transportation and analytics. With the addition of the portal, the retailer was able to identify inefficiencies in its network and cut costs from its supply chain.

Moreover, with the inbound portal serving as a central warehouse of information, the retailer was able to manage vendor and carrier compliance more accurately. In turn, this led to precise information being added to the portal and better on-time service from carriers.

This portal also allows the retailer’s vendors to go online and route orders when they’re available to ship. Moreover, this gave the retailer better control over how those requests were routed and provided additional visibility for consolidation and mode conversion opportunities. With a uniformed booking platform across the entire vendor network, the Online Vendor Portal also improves vendor compliance oversight and carrier management.

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