Distribution Technology

Tom Miralia

Tom Miralia

President & CEO

We pride ourselves in offering each customer a unique, unparalleled client experience that sets the industry standard in reliability, accuracy, and dependability. Our goal is to develop robust, long-term relationships with each customer to improve and enhance their business processes—ensuring success and exceeding expectations every single day.

Distribution Technology

For over 50 years, Distribution Technology has helped businesses distribute their products globally with exceptional care, accuracy, and efficiency.

Today, a team of 425 dedicated staff utilizes modern technology and processes to help customers control distribution costs, increase speed to market, and make multi-channel shopping experiences more convenient and streamlined for the end user.

With capabilities to store and efficiently deliver retail goods, raw materials, food products, e-commerce, and more in our 1.2 million square ft. collection of distribution centers, we excel in exceptional third-party logistics, warehousing, and transportation across a variety of industries, supporting both B2B and B2C operations.

Channels We Serve

  • Mass Retail

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Industrial Materials and Products

  • General Merchandise

  • Building Materials

  • Paper Products

  • Specialty Chemicals

  • Specialty Grocery, Beverage, Confections

End-to-End Solutions

Warehousing. Our facilities are equipped with temperature-controlled, food-grade, secure storage capacity—including additional storage for chemicals and a designated area for hazardous or flammable materials.

Transportation Management. We take the frustration and hassle out of transportation, and by using our expertise in freight consolidation, we leverage multi-client volumes to collectively save money—improving efficiency, reducing transportation expense, and creating value that benefits our entire customer base.

Manufacturing Support. We work with manufacturing clients synchronizing the flow of raw materials and work-in-progress to support just-in-time production, along with managing finished goods storage with flexible warehousing at less overhead and capital expense. This ensures you meet your promises to your customers.

Imports. With decades of experience handling imports and exports of products and raw materials, we have the ability to streamline hundreds of container floor loads weekly, allowing you to optimize your own capacity as needed.

Direct Rail Access. Our facilities are strategically located with rail-served direct access to the Norfolk Southern Railroad, giving you the advantage of seamless transloading through our DC from truck to boxcar, boxcar to truck, or to container.

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Distribution Technology
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