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John Sell

John Sell

President and CEO

Our Mission:
At MD Logistics, our mission is to support our team of leaders, dedicated to each other and our customers, in order to remain fast and flexible while providing custom supply chain solutions in a high quality environment, on time, every time.

MD Logistics

MD Logistics is a third party logistics company specializing in customized supply chain solutions. Our vertical markets include Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Consumer Goods, as well as Transportation Services. In addition to cold chain and foreign trade zone warehousing, our services range from packaging, fulfillment and distribution to global freight forwarding and freight management. Located in Plainfield, Indiana, and Reno, Nevada, our combined facilities include state of the art Pharmaceutical and Retail distribution space.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

MD Logistics designs customized supply- chain solutions for global distribution of trade, sample and clinical specialty products. Our facilities are fully licensed and accredited, maintaining cGMP and VAWD standards, enabling us to provide compliant cold chain storage for finished and WIP products. We deliver these standards through the utilization of Red Prairie WMS and strategically located state of the art facilities. We offer full integration with our customers’ ERP software and support electronic data interchange for order management and reporting. Most critical to operational success, our dedicated and experienced pharmaceutical team stands behind our services to ensure the utmost product quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Retail & Omni-Channel Logistics

MD Logistics client shared facilities manage high-vol- ume, high-value, market-driven, retail-sensitive products for industries that expect maxi- mum performance and flexible infrastructure. We handle B2B and e-commerce distribution, supporting the top 100 retail- ers in the country. Our tier one WMS fully integrates with our customers’ ERP software and supports electronic data inter- change for order management and reporting. By combining a wide array of custom solutions, the MDL team manages your supply chain from start to finish.

Transportation Services

Beyond traditional warehousing and distribution services, MD Logistics offers freight management, global freight forwarding and brokerage services. Our Indianapolis and Reno facilities are both located near International airports and within a day’s drive of over 80% of the US population. We are strategically positioned to offer customers a range of all-inclusive transportation services and optimize their transportation budgets.

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