Building a Supply Chain in One Week

Building a Supply Chain in One Week

When their client pivoted to make a low-cost, readily available bed to quickly serve those on the front lines, SEKO Logistics rapidly set up distribution operations to meet urgent demand.

The Challenge

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country, overflowing ICUs and bed shortages in hot spots strained the country’s already exhausted front-line responders. SEKO’s dedication to equipping, supporting, and inspiring came full circle as they partnered with their long-time client to meet the needs of caregivers and patients.

To aid with the unprecedented high demand for patient platforms in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEKO’s client redefined their product offering to build a low-cost, readily available bed to quickly serve those on the front lines. Within seven days, a solution was designed and sourced to allow emergency responders and caregivers to move and position patients efficiently. However, a fast, reliable logistics solution was imperative for effective distribution.

The Solution

With ingenuity and collaboration, SEKO Logistics teamed up with their client to build a new supply chain within one week, and integrated it vertically for regional manufacturing to meet the overwhelming demand. SEKO’s MedTec team worked hand in hand to deploy five regional forward stocking locations in New Jersey, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

SEKO sourced and managed the on-site Yard Jockeys at their New Jersey distribution center to ensure successful transport to and from the warehouses, distribution centers, and hospitals.

As Phase One’s eight-week timeline progressed, SEKO Logistics handled approximately 35,000 beds—supporting the emergency need for hospital bed distribution as the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed the United States.

Now in Phase Two, SEKO manages the ongoing storage of the additional 25,000 beds allocated for the support of specific hospital systems.

As challenging times overwhelmed the globe, partnership, teamwork, industry knowledge, and transparent communication enabled SEKO Logistics and their client to accomplish this amazing feat.

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