GOOD QUESTION | What’s the first thing to look for when selecting a logistics partner?

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the first thing to look for when selecting a logistics partner?

Common goals and transparency.

Kamila Otrzasek
Quality Manager, Zeebrugge Food Logistics

Knowledge of not only the logistics market but also the specific industry in which their client competes. An understanding of pain points, trends, and regulatory requirements.

Kim McQuilken
President, Sales & Marketing
Spend Management Experts

Innovation and continuous improvement are the first things to look for in a logistics relationship. Having these in place implies that other key qualities are already in place. The only constant in logistics and supply chain is change, so the ability to innovate–actively listen, create/adapt, then implement and execute, and the ability to track improvement over time, creates a durable relationship with partners.

Michael Notarangeli
Executive Vice President, Logistics
Maine Pointe

Top-tier logistics providers continue to grow with us. They know the strengths and networks of their partner carriers.

Frank Hurst
President, Roadrunner Freight

Back to basics. Did they read the RFP and scope of work properly or just quote based on what they think you want or what fits their agenda? If they can’t read a tender document or have the initiative to ask questions, then can you trust them to deliver as an outsourced 3PL?

James Meads
Procurement Consultant

Strong support, services, and warranty programs that ensure uptime.

Ravi Panjwani
VP Marketing and
Product Management
Brother Mobile Solutions

Ability to innovate. They should embrace advanced technologies such as AI and IoT, which are becoming more essential to providing differentiated customer service.

Steve Dowse
SVP Product Strategy
Blume Global

Similar culture, vision, and values—such as a strong commitment to engaging employees. An organization’s ability to attract, retain, and optimize a quality workforce speaks to whether or not it will consistently rise to meet your service expectations.

Robert O’Dwyer
Logistics Industry Principal
Kronos Incorporated

An understanding of your company’s unique supply chain needs and a willingness to adjust their strategies and processes to support your needs.

Gregory N. Fornaro
Director, Labor Relations
and Logistics
Wm. T. Burnett & Co.

Transparency. Every shipper knows their logistics partners have to make some margin on providing a service, but the best partners will know what’s fair and reasonable. Cut the fluff and be transparent.

Rafael Quintana
Vice President of Operations
Big Truck Logistics

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