Leading Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationships

The Challenge

With its growing international customer base, this global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries recognized the need to automate its contract management and pricing process and to expand its global operations.

However, the logistics team realized it would be very difficult to handle the increased number of contracts and rates using its current manual process of a simple one-to-one look-up. The company also wanted to integrate an automated system into its own solution platform to allow its customers, with little or no experience in pricing, to compare full bottom-line rates across multiple service contracts on their own.

The Solution

The logistics provider selected Amber Road’s Transportation Management solution to automate its contract management process and provide its customers with flexible and competitive routing and rate options for international shipments. This web-based solution manages costs, automates the generation of quotes and proposals, and helps in complying with tariff filing requirements.

It enabled the logistics provider to grow its international business, develop stronger customer relationships, and centrally manage its ocean service contracts, describing every term with a powerful rules engine to create ‘calculable contracts.’

The company can compare total bottom-line costs and develop margin by applying mark-up rules and adding other value-added services. The solution enables this logistics provider to automatically generate proposals that help shippers compare and select among alternative routes, service levels, and equipment types.

Thanks to optimized carrier selection, reduced transportation costs, and powerful multi-factor search and rating engines, the company has now differentiated its logistics services with a powerful, integrated solution.

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