Looking for One Logistics Partner That Does Everything with Excellence?

An Enterprise Logistics Provider Delivers Holistic Solutions that Transform Your Business.

According to the 2014 18th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study prepared by Dr. C. John Langley and Capgemini Consulting, global shippers are now seeking a more unified approach to outsourced logistics management. Fifty-six percent of shippers surveyed say they are narrowing their focus to work with fewer third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Many shippers who realized initial savings using multiple niche providers now find fragmented vendor management to be counterproductive, complex and costly. To simplify these processes, reduce total cost of ownership and improve response time to rapid changes in supply and demand, more North American companies are looking for an Enterprise Logistics Provider. Capable of much more than a traditional 3PL, Enterprise Logistics Providers carry a best-in-class portfolio that improves every tactical and strategic business process from order to cash and vendor to customer.

An Enterprise Logistics Provider brings the benefits of Extended LEAN® principles to business performance, giving executives strategic management tools for continuous improvement across the entire supply chain. Enterprise Providers also leverage Extended LEAN to link supply chain value streams and create industry-wide value networks.

With a robust end-to-end service offering including domestic transportation sourcing in all modes, international logistics management, private fleet consulting, transportation management system (TMS) applications, warehouse sourcing, freight payment and audit, supply chain analytics, LEAN consulting, secondary packaging and more, an Enterprise Logistics Provider helps companies move products and information more fluidly to and through the supply chain. At first glance, the service offerings of third-party providers and Enterprise Providers appear similar, but the latter has many advantages that shippers should carefully consider when selecting a partner. An Enterprise Logistics Provider does the following:

  • Takes an integrated approach to sourcing multiple modes of domestic and international transportation, ensuring smooth flow of raw materials and finished goods throughout the supply chain.
  • Connects warehouse distribution points to the enterprise through integrated technology applications, giving production, customer service and finance a vehicle to improve inventory management and distribution.
  • Offers technology that enables true enterprise asset management with a snapshot of all shipments from overseas ports to the customer’s door through one interface.
  • Meets shipper demand for complex business intelligence solutions by delivering data through multiple channels, whether static reporting or dynamic interactive web-based business portals providing mobile analytics.
  • Enhances accounting efficiencies by coupling freight audit and payment services with innovative General Ledger (GL) coding automation and rigorous security safeguards to protect shipper interests.
  • Positions itself to help companies begin or advance their LEAN journey by mapping their entire value streams and encouraging the implementation of LEAN processes on the production floor, in corporate offices and throughout the supply chain.

Couples LEAN thinking with robust supply chain analytics capabilities to help companies continuously improve their demand response by determining optimal production and distribution locations.

An Enterprise Logistics Provider demonstrates world-class capabilities by developing value-rich, complete business solutions. The Enterprise Provider is elevated to business strategist by offering channels in technology, big data and supply chain analytics. Further, when operating under a non-invasive Co-managed Logistics® approach, an Enterprise Logistics Provider gives clients the best choices for optimization and empowers them to maintain as much—or as little—supply chain control as they desire. Shippers quickly realize the value of having one strategic partner with vast logistics expertise that allows them to focus on their core competencies. This synergistic relationship helps shippers achieve supply chain excellence, optimized business performance and enterprise value creation.

Transportation Insight’s broad range of best-in-class services empowers over 400 North American companies, from mid-size to Fortune 500, to entrench themselves as market leaders. With more than 500 combined years of executive logistics experience, along with one of 200 Shingo Prize examiners worldwide, Transportation Insight leverages its Extended LEAN continuous improvement methodology to positively impact shippers from the C-suite to the loading dock and across the supply chain. Transportation Insight clients are not only surviving by keeping promises and improving profits, but also thriving by transforming themselves into powerful, streamlined enterprises.

Transportation Insight delivers LEAN Enterprise Logistics solutions to North American manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Chris Baltz is Transportation Insight’s President and CEO. Baltz has led the development of innovative supply chain solutions for more than 25 years. Please contact us at 877-226-9950 or visit www.transportationinsight.com.

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