Moving a Superload Takes Experience – Landstar

Moving a Superload Takes Experience – Landstar

When Landstar had to move oversized freight through five states, it developed and executed a plan for a safe delivery.

The Challenge

When Landstar was challenged to transport a giant mobile platform used to repair jet engines, research and planning to move the over-dimensional freight started immediately. The scissor-lift platform was 94,000 pounds, 110 feet long and spanned 24 feet 6 inches—taking up two lanes of highway. Moving the superload required months of planning and logistical meetings to make the haul from Greenfield, Indiana to Jupiter, Florida happen.

The Solution

Moving the heavy-oversize load took a supersized effort and critical teamwork. Landstar and an independent agency teamed up with the customer to develop and execute a plan that would take critical coordination in five different states of:

  • Dozens of state troopers
  • Five permits
  • Four pilot cars
  • One 4-axle removable gooseneck extendable trailer

Landstar meticulously researched the routes the oversized freight could travel. With every state the load moved through, specific state and local guidelines had to be met. The platform and each road it would travel on were precisely measured to plan the transport. The trip would take the mobile scissor-lift platform through five states to arrive in Jupiter, Florida in less than a week’s time.

Once the travel path was in place, the Landstar team worked closely with officials in each state to confirm proper permitting and accurate route surveys for the haul. Each detail assured the superload traveled without disrupting traffic patterns or causing any major issues.

After six days on the road, traveling at 55 miles per hour or less, the Landstar owner-operator and load escorts made it to Jupiter, Florida for delivery.

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