Valentine’s Day Logistics

$2 billion

Amount spent in 2017 on flowers for Valentine’s Day


250 million

Number of roses grown specifically for February 14


Colombia, Ecuador, the Netherlands, and Kenya

Top four suppliers of roses in the world. Roses don’t grow in the United States in February so they need to be imported from these top suppliers.


Two to four degrees Celsius

Constant temperature that must be maintained throughout the entire logistics chain for roses to stay fresh


882 tons

Total cargo weight of roses Lufthansa Cargo transported in 2018. This equates to around the load capacity of 11 flights with MD-11 freighters.



Number of fresh-cut roses in water that Pilot Freight Services transported in 2018. This totals 470 shipments moving through six stations – Atlanta, Newark, NJ, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.


$19.6 billion

Estimated total spending on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2018, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s $1.4 billion more than 2017.


19 days

Average life span of roses after they’re cut

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