Product Spotlight: Materials Handling Innovations

  • inVia Picker: Picking items as small as a pack of gum or as bulky as a case of soda, this robot provides a solution for e-commerce fulfillment centers through a Robots-as-a-Service platform. Pickers operate as an automated storage and retrieval solution, picking totes, bins, and boxes weighing less than 40 pounds from warehouse shelves. The robots can run on their own or work collaboratively with human operators.
  • Crown FC Series: This redesigned forklift has a near-zero turning radius and allows for a larger battery, providing longer runtime than similar trucks with up to 40 percent more loads per battery charge. Dual-drive motors let the FC Series forklift easily move larger loads. The forklift also provides operators with more headroom and leg clearance as well as low-effort steering and a full-suspension seat.

  • The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator: Lift truck operators get hands-on instruction with this simulated-reality learning tool. Workers enter a simulated warehousing environment using an existing Raymond forklift by plugging into Raymond’s sPort, or Simulation Port. After the vehicle is no longer needed for instruction, the sPort can be disconnected, and the forklift can be placed back into operation in the warehouse.
  • Venture Research Forklift Reader: This forklift RFID reader autonomously manages a pick, drop, stack, and move operation using an array of RFID and IoT sensors. With a swappable rechargeable Li-ion battery, the reader can be installed to full operation in five minutes on a standard type 2 or type 3 carriage forklift. Built-in location tracking provides positional awareness of the forklift in real time.
  • Combi-OP Order Picker: This materials handling solution from Combilift is designed to handle long products. Previously, shippers had to modify traditional order pickers to cope with the demands of long loads. This purpose-built order picker features a long platform to enable the operator to access long products stored at height. Guide rollers allow it to operate in existing guided narrow aisles.
  • ELOshield Forklift Anti-Collision System: Automatically detecting when a person or forklift gets too close to another vehicle, this ultra-wideband warning system helps prevent accidents in the warehouse. A fixed-site version monitors accident-prone areas, such as high-traffic aisle intersections. A mobile version monitors zones of up to 50 feet around moving vehicles. ELOshield warns both the pedestrian and the driver with a combination of audible, visual, and vibration alerts.
  • Delta 1.5kW Onboard Charger: This charging system from Delta Electronics is designed for electric materials handling equipment, accommodating larger or more energy-intensive vehicles. Its die-cast chassis can bear the shock and vibration of industrial machinery. It is 100-percent convection cooled and will store information on the past 1,000 charges, which can be accessed through a data port.
  • QubeVu PalletPro 4×4: Shippers can optimize stacking in LTL orders and automatically measure irregularly shaped shipments using this high-speed, certified-accurate dimensioning solution for palletized freight. The PalletPro 4×4 is accurate on any parcel or pallet shape, up to 4x4x6 feet, including cubes, tubes, polybags, and bundled or stacked items. It provides dimensions without requiring object alignment.

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