Providing a Custom Logistics Solution for a Shipbuilder – Crane Worldwide Logistics

Providing a Custom Logistics Solution for a Shipbuilder –  Crane Worldwide Logistics

The Challenge

Crane Worldwide Logistics’ client is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. The challenge centered around moving several extremely large parts around the world that were critical to their production process. The product needed to arrive timely, safely, and in OEM approved shipments. It was also a requirement they be delivered at specific times so the client could adequately staff its warehouse to meet demand. Other challenges included:

  • Limited ocean partners to both offload and handle the cargo.
  • A U.S. port that had the ability to offload along with State DOT Approval for the inland U.S. transport.
  • Meeting specified engineered safety requirements.
  • Ability to handle such large cargo.
  • A firm date of delivery that could not be changed.
  • Replacement of original vessel (Client wanted multiple additional options).

The Solution

Working within the client’s specified constraints Crane Worldwide Logistics® was able to put together a custom solution that included:

  • Booking multiple contingency steamships for consecutive weeks to ensure on-time delivery
  • Working within a fluid client schedule giving multiple transportation options for flexibility and planning
  • Providing proper documentation on all fronts including images of the cargo itself being transported/moved
  • Developing custom supports and brackets for transport, approved by safety engineers
  • Proposing multiple avenues for transport to client engineers over-the-road, rail, ship within 24 hours
  • Helping to work with interstate departments to obtain proper permitting/licensing

Ultimately, we were able to deliver on-time, in budget with the cargo in the same condition as it was received. Many of our complex moves require an ability to provide multiple options for time and transport to get the job done.

At Crane Worldwide Logistics® we believe that servicing our clients at all costs is absolutely critical. Our ability to plan for contingencies, solution expertise, and 360 communication and alignment with our clients enables us to deliver successfully. We use our expertise and vast resources to solve client pain points, quickly and with precision.

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