Pursuing Eco-Efficient Logistics

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By Ray Hatch
President and CEO
Quest Resource Management

In 2019, expect sustainability to evolve into a critical priority. The transportation sector is already moving toward greener fleets, and pursuing innovative solutions to reduce waste and improve landfill diversion. The new year will bring even more pressure—and opportunity—to address eco-efficiency within logistics.

Robust sustainability programs come with many benefits beyond reducing environmental impact; at the same time, regulations are being introduced across the country to make adopting new practices even more urgent. Waste minimization and recycling programs reduce risk, decrease cost, provide actionable data insights and predictability, and provide a competitive edge.

The "green halo" that comes with transparent operations allows companies to promote themselves as stewards of the environment, helping retain existing business and acquire new customers. Sustainability is good business.

One example of maximizing efficiency is a closed-loop solution for used motor oil. Carriers collect the oil as part of normal maintenance, then transport it to a facility where it is cleaned, refined, and enriched with additives. Truckers send off used motor oil, and get back high-performance, heavy-duty synthetic blend motor oil that creates 85 percent lower emissions compared to refined crude oil.


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