Retailers Brush Up on Returns

Retailers Brush Up on Returns

With increased e-commerce adoption, returns are set to grow exponentially in 2022 and beyond, says a recent report from Incisiv, and retailers’ digital experience plays a big part in both reducing returns and making the return experience seamless.

Retailers can achieve significant savings and enhanced customer satisfaction if they look at returns as an integral part of their supply chain strategy. Key findings of the report reveal:

  • Health and beauty retailers offer the most advanced functionality around product information and guided content, reducing the occurrence of returns based on poor product details.
  • Although 60% of retailers allow shoppers to cancel an order before it ships, only 16% allow order modifications.
  • The apparel segment is the most mature when it comes to offering flexible returns. They typically allow online orders to be returned in stores, and 90% allow replacement or exchanges.
  • Leading retailers offer more flexible return policies, including as a special benefit for loyal shoppers. One-quarter of retailers have return windows greater than 60 days.
  • As shoppers demand more convenient return options, new and differentiating capabilities are emerging. Some have chat bots that help shoppers initiate returns, and allow shoppers to return items curbside.

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