Sharing Efficiencies Through Collaboration

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies?

Timmer: In today’s challenging economic environment, transportation professionals need to take advantage of every opportunity for collaboration with trading partners to increase efficiencies across their supply chain.

As one of the largest networks in the U.S. transportation industry, LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS® attracts more carriers, shippers, and suppliers, growing the opportunity for solution-based collaboration; more capacity available in your lanes on your ship date; greater consolidation of orders and loads; and more continuous moves. Systematic collaboration helps balance your transportation and achieve increased flow of product to the manufacturing floor or retail shelf—as demand dictates.

Customers such as Ace Hardware and Meijer win when less inventory density in the supply chain reduces costs and improves profitability without taxing suppliers, and fewer empty miles makes relationships sustainable.

Q: What innovative sustainability initiatives also increase efficiencies? 

Timmer: A compelling value proposition for shippers and carriers is LeanLogistics’ GreenLanes™ program. Shippers reduce their empty miles and overall transportation costs, while enjoying premium service. Carriers increase asset utilization, enabling them to earn higher levels of profitability. This helps close the truckload capacity gap because more shipments are possible from the same number of trucks, and carriers are more motivated to consider additional capacity investments due to their improved financial performance.

Carriers, shippers, and the community at large benefit from the reduced carbon footprint, and by minimizing wasted miles, GreenLanes™ helps customers including CHEP and Diageo ensure carriers can sustain their business model while non-utilized assets are eliminated.

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