Tonya Jackson: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Tonya Jackson is senior vice president and chief supply chain officer with Lexmark, a creator of imaging solutions and technologies. Responsibilities: Worldwide supply chain operations, including supply planning, global sourcing, hardware and supplies manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and managing shared service centers. Experience: Vice president, global supply chain operations; vice president, supplies operation and engineering; all […]

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Employee Engagement Is Your New Success Metric

Globally, 85% of employees report that they’re either not engaged or are actively disengaged within their jobs, according to a 2019 Gallup study. This is a big factor in employee turnover, because disengaged team members often feel underequipped, underdeveloped, and underappreciated. Logistics leaders who recognize and further engage their employees will reap long-term and short-term […]

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Tony Sinton

Preparing for the New World of Work

The first, second, and third industrial revolutions were built around some form of energy: The first was fueled by steam, the second by electricity, and the third by nuclear power. Enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by smart, autonomous systems that use data and machine learning as their fuel.

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How Does Coronavirus Impact the Supply Chain, and How Can Retailers Minimize Disruption?

With the new coronavirus impacting supply chains globally and shifting consumer spending habits, retailers must assess their response on a daily—or even hourly—basis. COVID-19 has impacted the supply chain by limiting access to employees due to quarantines, closing factories or slowing down manufacturers, and limiting access to logistics to move goods, according to Gartner. Retailers can minimize these disruptions in three ways:

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Taking a Dip Into Supply Chain Management

Frank Armetta is global vice president of supply chain with Sabra Dipping Company, a division of PepsiCo. Responsibilities: Leads procurement, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution reports, global engineering, and global quality. Also oversees the Australian and Western Europe businesses. Experience: Vice president, global manufacturing with Sabra; global manufacturing vice president for PepsiCo Worldwide Flavors in […]

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Taking the Wheel of GM’s Service Parts

Lisa Veneziano is executive director, global aftersales supply chain, warehousing and logistics, General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales. Responsibilities: Leading an integrated, global team responsible for supply chain planning, warehousing, packaging, distributing, and logistics for automotive replacement parts and accessories heading to GM vehicle owners across the globe. The organization covers almost 100 facilities in […]

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