Justin Marx

Meat Importer Carves Out Success

The meat supply chain starts at the farm gate and goes to the dinner table, making several sea, land, and air freight connections until it arrives at a local distributor, which serves either the retail or food service (restaurant) markets, but typically not both.

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An All-American Leader

Growing up around a family-owned business, establishing a tireless work ethic, and pursuing an early career as a teacher helped shape Jessica Tyler’s "open book" leadership style. Long before Jessica Tyler became an airline executive, she was an educator. "My earliest understanding of relationships and engagement came from being a teacher and coach," says Tyler, […]

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Sylvia Wilks: Kicking the Tires

Responsibilities: Build a quality supply chain from scratch that disrupts the market, drive a culture of continuous process improvement, and lead TireHub into the future as part of the executive business team. Experience: Chief procurement officer, Kimberly Clark Corporation; executive roles in global sourcing, supplier relations, international supply chain, soluble coffee operations, and other functions with […]

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Brian Kennedy

Crafting a Notable Job Title

A job title is more than just the name of the job you do. It is a badge, a ranking, a symbol of your worth within the particular company you work for. As the growth of the supply chain and logistics sector increases year after year, so does the competition for a notable supply chain job title.

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NOTED: The Supply Chain in Brief-January 2021

Sealed Deals CEVA Logistics and Italian publishing company Mondadori Group signed a contract to extend their partnership for another five years. The CEVA Logistics Italia team will continue to manage consumer orders, concentrating operations in a dedicated warehouse in La Città del Libro (City of Books), where it will handle 30 million book copies and 65,000 titles each […]

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