Logistics I.T.

Logic Tools Addresses Network Design, Decision Support

The key to doing good business when providing supply chain solutions is to have a handle on network design and decision support. This means having support systems in place that have the functional clout and services required to sustain these applications. Network design and decision support are strategic components of any company’s long-term and tactical […]

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Keeping Pace with Logistics IT

Supply chain management practices are tough to integrate with ERP. Executive Editor Robert Malone assembled a panel of four logistics IT experts to benchmark the state of the supply chain ERP integration challenge.

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Boosting Supply Chain Agility for a Competitive Edge

The recent downturn in the high-tech economy is leading companies to scrutinize their supply chains more closely. With profits falling, staffs shrinking, and doors closing, it becomes even more imperative that companies foster supply chain agility to retain a competitive edge in the face of highly volatile demand. Companies can improve supply chain agility in […]

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SCM Software: An Intelligent Response to a Complex Need

Our current set of ERP applications grew out of an array of MRP and MRP II applications and their extensions. ERP took its cast from MRP and therefore was created first and foremost for transaction processing, data collection, and reporting of that data. Its motivation and structure came out of the financial world and naturally […]

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ERO Enhances Supply Chain Software

As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expands out into the supply chain, its reach, and many of its functions, takes on a different set of characteristics. These characteristics include increased access to information, greater efficiency among various enterprise functions, and a better handle on easier implementing, better planning, and optimal producing. PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, Calif., refers to […]

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