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Supply Chain Commentary:
The Battle of Retail Titans

Technology is ever-changing and recently, has been advancing at an extraordinary rate and providing accessible capital with highly valued stock prices. These prices are enabling acquisitions that have the ability to change the competitive landscape overnight. Exhibit A: Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods Market. Many recent acquisitions can be attributed to companies with aggressive growth […]

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Commentary: Wearable Technology Set to Permeate the Supply Chain Workforce

Often viewed as consumer-facing, wearable technology also presents a huge B2B opportunity particularly when it comes to helping businesses and their workers accomplish tasks and drive success in manufacturing and the supply chain. Seventy-five million wearables will permeate the workplace by 2020. And since this technology is often more mobile than laptops or tablets–and provides […]

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Why Supply Chain Visibility Is Vital to Company Success

If you manage or help coordinate a logistics operation, you likely wear many hats throughout the workweek to keep things running smoothly. Your role might require you to keep track of an inventory, confer with carriers, optimize shipping methods and routes, monitor performance reports and activity, and apply management skills to move efficiencies into action. […]

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Looking Beyond Your Desktop

The latest Ransomware attack lays bare hidden risks in your manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain network. You can protect against the ever-evolving threat of Bitcoin pirates by looking deeper into your operations. The attack is introduced into networks with Spear Fishing emails. Once activated, the malware locks and ecrypts your files, and files across all […]

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We’ve Been Together for 35 Years 

This month marks my 35th anniversary of serving readers as editor of Inbound Logistics. That milestone gave me reason to look back while developing and editing the content for this annual logistics technology issue. Three decades ago, logistics technology primarily consisted of typewriters, pens and pencils, ledgers, paper maps, and hand-typed bills of lading and […]

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Samuel Mueller

Turn to Technology to Attract the Next Generation of Workers

Supply chain stakeholders have to acknowledge the shortage of workers in the supply chain sector. An estimated 600,000 manufacturing positions in the United States are going unfulfilled due to a lack of qualified workers, according to the 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report. Additionally the survey showed that 58 percent of respondents face a significant challenge […]

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