Logistics I.T.

Bruce Moore

Connect, Secure, and Manage the Supply Chain

Q: How are transport and logistics firms using mobility to improve employee engagement? A: Mobility once meant giving each driver a cell phone. Today, however, connected devices with communication applications allow drivers to get news and road updates, connect with family, and do business anywhere and anytime. By accessing training programs while waiting for a […]

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Ty Bordner

Automating Key Steps to Strategically Optimize Inbound Supply Chains

The increasing growth and complexity of global trade means organizations must work with a range of partners, suppliers and functional teams within the organization. Best in class companies use a variety of global trade automation tools to lower inbound costs and improve processes. According to a recent AberdeenGroup report, "Strategic Inbound Optimization: Foreign Trade Zones […]

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Selecting a Bar-code Scanning System

Bar-code tools can rapidly streamline inventory processing, but choosing the proper system requires examining the current technology, understanding the types of providers, and reviewing internal processes to match needs with a solution. Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies, offers these tips for navigating the process. 1. Take a test drive. Training staff […]

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Boosting Warehouse Productivity

Achieving warehouse productivity goals such as reducing picking times and increasing throughput rates can be challenging. Chris Castaldi, director of business development at Carlstadt, N.J.-based materials handling systems integrator W&H Systems, offers these tips for improving warehouse productivity. 1. Use automated picking operations. Pick-to-voice or pick-to-light systems speed picking and reduce errors by quickly providing […]

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Bernardo Nicoletti

Using Operational Analytics to Achieve a Digitized, Visible Supply Chain

To assure a succcessful future, companies must add value to their customers and organizations, and drive competitive advantage. The best way to achieve this is by developing a system based on operational analytics. Operational analytics come from analyses done on the fly as part of standard business processes. Planning, inventory management, and control are examples […]

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