Dr. Jim Giermanski

Digitizing the Global Supply Chain

At one point, we all had a rabbit-eared TV or a clunky cell phone that took muscle to carry. Numerous electronics innovations have made life not only easier, but also more productive. So why are so many international supply chain professionals still living in the dark ages when it comes to supply chain efficiency and […]

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Robert F. Caton

Gearing Up for 100% Air Cargo Screening

A complex shift in the air cargo industry begins in August 2010, when the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will require 100-percent screening of all air cargo carried in passenger planes departing from or arriving at U.S. airports. In response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the TSA created a security mandate with an initial step […]

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The Full Cost of Cargo Losses

All too often, supply chain managers do not properly calculate all the elements of cargo loss. As a result, they minimize the full impact on their bottom line. Most look only at cargo theft or damage to determine the financial impact on their company. Many other factors, however, need to be considered when calculating the […]

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Tightening Supply Chain Security

Theft, terrorist activities, or cargo loss can happen on ocean vessels, at ports, in airports, at loading docks, or in transit. Don’t leave your inventory and equipment vulnerable. Here are 10 tips for tightening security along your supply chain, from Chris Corrado, vice president customer support, APL Logistics. 1. Participate in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against […]

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Maritime Security: Creating a System of Systems

Nearly every containerload represents a point of vulnerability in the pursuit of maritime security. Daily, 17,000 shipping containers laden with cargo of all sorts enter 361 U.S. seaports. Multiply this number by the hundreds of pairs of human hands through which that cargo passes and you can begin to see the magnitude of the port […]

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Seeing’ Safe Ports: Connect to Protect

The emergence of new global logistics challenges in the wake of Sept. 11 has prompted the U.S. government to effectively secure our borders. But, of the 5.7 million containers arriving in the United States each year, less than two percent of all shipments offloaded at U.S. ports are inspected prior to arrival. Limited human resources […]

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Truckers Unite to Combat Terrorism

Last September, our nation and the trucking industry were shaken by the realization of our vulnerability to terrorist attacks. While the trucking industry has fought to combat cargo theft and address other security concerns for many years, never before have we considered the magnitude of tragedy that can occur when cargo and equipment fall into […]

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Ensuring Cargo Security

Special containers, locks and alarms are well utilized by shippers to protect goods in transit. But in many cases the best insurance against cargo theft starts with the documentation process, says Lou Tyska, security consultant to Pinkerton Logistics Services, and chairman of the Transportation Security Council of the American Society for Industrial Security. Here are […]

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Ensuring Security Through Visibility

We have all become more security conscious in the last few months. Keeping tabs on processes has never been a bad idea, but under today’s circumstances better visibility, closer attention to procedures, and tight recordkeeping make the flow of information about personnel and goods all the more useful within the supply chain. Supply chain video […]

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Inventory Theft: Is Your Company Easy Prey?

The logistics industry has grown dramatically in the past few years and inventory loss has kept pace. Estimates now range in the $80-billion area for cargo and warehouse related theft. One reason that so many warehousing and transportation companies have incurred loss is that they often rely on ineffective security safeguards. This can prove to […]

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