Supply Chain Management

Felecia Stratton

Keeping Track of Time

If your average day is anything like mine, you face an endless barrage of internal emails, corporate memos, newsletters, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to refinance a home loan. Spam filters, email notifications, and custom preferences help organize this self-perpetuating info soup, making it easier to manage communications—then act according to priority. Complicating matters is the reality […]

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<em>Inbound Logistics</em>’ Summer Reading Guide 2013

Inbound Logistics’ Summer Reading Guide 2013

Hitting the beach this summer? Don’t forget to bring something to read. Whether you need just a little brushing up, or are looking for the latest best practices to streamline your supply chain, sharpen your logistics skills with these books covering everything from Lean practices to information technology.

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Steve Dollase

Trading Partner Collaboration Yields Supply Chain Value

Q: How can value chain partners collaborate to create and share efficiencies? A: Retailers and manufacturers have made progress in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their individual supply chains. They have found savings and efficiencies, and implemented new processes. Now, trading partners must collaborate to find new avenues for improvement. The competitive retail landscape […]

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Keith Biondo

Business Process Improvement? Flexibility.

In his futile search for the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de León walked right past untold riches. If you are not evaluating your third-party logistics providers for their ability to drive strategic improvements in your enterprise, you may be doing the same thing. Thirty-three percent of respondents to our annual 3PL Perspectives market research survey […]

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Felecia Stratton

Finding Supply Chain Feng Shui

Business process improvement is especially important in today’s economic climate. Businesses are sensitive to fixed costs when the economy is swinging like a pendulum. There’s shared recognition that they have to stick to their principal business to grow out of the recession; and logistics execution and supply chain excellence is too important to ignore. That’s […]

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Bobby Harris

3PLs Can Provide Soft Cost Savings for Small Businesses

Shipping is the second-largest cost many small businesses incur, after labor. Despite the challenges they face—including high gas prices, advancing technologies, and competitive markets—small companies must continue to move products from Point A to Point B. To keep productivity high and customers happy, some small businesses seek ways to cut shipping costs, including engaging third-party […]

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Lorcan Sheehan

Preparation: Your Best Asset in Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply disruptions occur daily, caused by delayed deliveries; weather impacts on inbound supply; and prolonged standstills associated with natural disasters, port labor strikes, or critical supplier failures. Whatever the reason for the disruption, supply chain managers prove their value by delivering—no matter the circumstances. An active risk management process helps identify a range of possible […]

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