True Manufacturing Embraces More Efficient, Visual Load Building

True Manufacturing Embraces More Efficient, Visual Load Building

By turning to MagicLogic Optimization and integrating Cube-IQ, its load planning optimization software solution, True Manufacturing reduced work hours and increased efficiency.

The Challenge

True Manufacturing is a well-established firm that has been in business for 75 years. Originally, the family-run company began building commercial refrigeration units in their backyard. Operations quickly expanded when the company started exporting its products internationally by the 1950s. Now, True Manufacturing American-made products are renowned worldwide, and it remains a privately owned business. One factor that has helped the company remain a success is its ability to adjust to changing manufacturing processes.

Excellent load building ensures products arrive safely and are packaged appropriately. Previously, True Manufacturing load planners used pre-printed forms and needed to complete calculations manually to determine how many units could fit onto a trailer, while ensuring these units were oriented correctly, so each load remained safe and stable. Once complete, the form was faxed to the appropriate distribution center so that it could be staged and later loaded.

Although effective, this system was time-consuming and required multiple steps to complete. Load planners needed to ensure their calculations were accurate, something that couldn’t be rushed when completed manually. There could be potential delays if the fax machines failed to work properly, or while the plans were calculated. The old system didn’t provide full-color diagrams for packers that would help the load to be staged more quickly and effectively. Moreover, printed load plans weren’t always necessary, and did not align with True Manufacturing’s commitment toward finding greener manufacturing solutions.

True Manufacturing was keen to find an alternative and more modern way to plan loads that would streamline the entire process. They decided Cube-IQ would be the best option. Cube-IQ is our flagship load planning software designed and developed in-house at MagicLogic Optimization Inc.

The Solution

Working with MagicLogic Optimization Inc., True Manufacturing purchased Cube-IQ, which integrated seamlessly into their ERP system. One reason why Cube-IQ is so popular with load planners worldwide is that it covers more operational requirements than any other software. We offer more versions that can be tailor-made for specific industries and that meet different implementation scenarios. As True Manufacturing discovered, we can adapt our software to specific operational requirements.

With Cube-IQ fully integrated, Cube-IQ has a complete vision of all available products and their dimensions, and the customer’s sales order. Instead of complicated calculations, load planners now need only drag and drop the order file onto the load setup screen. Simply clicking the “optimize” button produces an easy-to-read diagram within seconds. The diagram is viewable online and can be rotated to see every angle. It can also step through the loading plan so packers can easily see which items to load next. When necessary, the loading plan is printed directly at the distribution center.

Since implementing Cube-IQ software, True Manufacturing has reduced its working hours by more than 2,000 hours. Outdated fax machines have been removed entirely from their operations.

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