Why do you use a third-party logistics provider?

Why do you use a third-party logistics provider?

We use 3PLs in regions where it is too costly for us to perform services in-house at the service level we require. 3PLs tend to have more density in the regions we use them in, and they can leverage their other partnerships to give us the service level we need at the best possible cost.

Sam Huston
Senior Manager, Procurement – Supply Chain and Logistics
Hudson’s Bay Company

I use a 3PL because sometimes I find the pricing cheaper than my direct rates with carriers.

Lynn Maynard
Foster Delivery Science

Using a 3PL streamlines freight. 3PLs, in layman’s terms, let the smaller competitors have a slice of the pie, which is good economics.

Lewis Brockmann Sr.
Professional Driver
LTB Transportation

Having a 3PL as a partner saves us both time and cost by leveraging their expertise and network to execute our supply chain strategies. Our 3PL helps us gather and analyze the relevant data to help us make better decisions.

Mike Hazamy
Manager, Logistics & Transportation, North America
Tower International

3PLs keep the industry honest. Shippers have to be at the top of our game to attract the best carriers, and carriers need the best equipment and drivers to stay in the pool. 3PLs can pay carriers faster, and provide a dynamic solution to shippers.

Ron Kane
Vice President
Supply Chain & Distribution
Stone Brewing

Partnering with a 3PL lets you maximize opportunities for growth, create more predictable cost structures, leverage specialized technology, have more resources at your disposal, and streamline your supply chain.

Muhanna AlSharif
Customer Service
Logistics Team Leader

Using a 3PL eliminates the need for investment in transportation, warehousing, and many other value-added extras. It also gives shippers flexibility. It’s easier to manage one provider against a set of KPIs (key performance indicators).

Danny Vorajee
Procurement Specialist

I use 3PLs because they usually get a better rate than I can get on my own. They do the bill of lading, book the truck, and follow up. It lightens my workload and they take care of any problems.

Patty Scott
Customer Service/Sales Manager, North America
Mac Divitt Rubber Co., LLC

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