Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Mark Cabrera

Mark Cabrera


Leverage our wide array of logistics capabilities for omnichannel supply chain solutions that provide speed, service, and scalability.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services

At Saddle Creek, we specialize in helping retailers, manufacturers and e-commerce companies get products where they need to be quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly. 

Range of Services 

We offer omnichannel fulfillment, warehousing and value-added services such as packaging, kitting, embroidery and engraving. Our transportation capabilities include a private fleet, brokerage and parcel services. Clients can utilize our services à la carte or as part of an integrated logistics solution. 

Sophisticated Solutions 

We custom engineer every solution to meet the client’s current business needs and scale for future growth. A data-driven approach, advanced operational methods and Lean methodologies ensure optimal performance. 

Nationwide Network 

Our distribution network now includes 55 locations across the country, totaling more than 31 million square feet of space nationwide. We added over 5.5 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space in 2021 alone, including new facilities in Myerstown, Pa.; Walton, Ky.; and Ft. Worth, Texas. With two or more distribution centers, our clients can reach 94% of the country in two days or less using ground service—helping to reduce transit time and cost. 

Advanced Technology 

We continue to invest in robust technology to support our clients’ needs. We have added state-of-the-art automation and robotics, including autonomous mobile robots and goods-to-person robots, to help increase productivity, reduce labor dependency and accommodate fluctuations in order volume. 

Service Excellence 

Saddle Creek has been delivering outstanding service for more than 55 years. We take great pride in our company culture, which is one of integrity, strong performance expectations, a high level of accountability and the commitment to doing what is right for our clients and their customers each and every day.

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Saddle Creek Logistics Services
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