Bruce Orcutt

Digital Transformation: The Experience is King

A survey among supply chain leaders reveals that two-thirds of staff struggle to find the information they need to do their job. Alarmingly, 73% waste up to eight hours each week just trying to find data—leading to delays (46%), errors (28%), and bad customer experience (24%).

Drained Lithium Batteries Get a Life

Drained Lithium Batteries Get a Life

A team of scientists from the Department of Energy and Stanford found a way to revive dead lithium-ion batteries, extending their battery life up to 30%. The lithium-ion batteries found in most modern electric vehicles (EVs) tend to lose energy capacity as they get charged, spent, and re-charged. That happens because small bits of lithium […]

Dan Boaz

Expedited Shipping Can Save Money

As shipping delays and supply chain issues pile up across the country, more businesses struggle to ship and receive products on time. When companies fail to meet important deadlines, the results can be costly, leading to the loss of valuable customers and vendors.

Winter Reading Guide 2022

Winter Reading Guide 2022

Get cozy and boost your logistics knowledge. These latest resources cover everything from textile supply chain tactics to strategies for dominating in the digital age.

What is the biggest supply chain lesson you learned from the past two years?

The fragility or brittleness of a global marketplace so deeply dependent on just-in-time inventory. Any event, whether a pandemic, hurricane, or a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, creates immediate disarray. In response, retailers have reverted to “just-in-case” practices, building up large safety stocks. It has become a choice between risking a stock-out or keeping costly excessive inventory. Where is the balance?

What’s The Word? The Language of Logistics

Upstream vs. Downstream Some organizations divide the supply chain into two parts to simplify management: upstream and downstream. The upstream supply chain includes all activities related to the organization’s suppliers, which source raw material inputs to send to the manufacturer. The downstream supply chain refers to activities post-manufacturing, namely distributing the product to the final […]

Jay Ganapathy

Is the Dynamic Unified Logical Data Model the Silver Bullet for Disruptions?

Q. Enterprises that are transforming their supply chain are slow to change. What roadblocks are impeding their efforts? A. Our supply chains of today were designed decades ago to achieve data uniformity across the supply chain ecosystems and not to deal with unwarranted supply chain disruptions. All SCM apps are designed for specific business functions […]

Retailers Brush Up on Returns

Retailers Brush Up on Returns

With increased e-commerce adoption, returns are set to grow exponentially in 2022 and beyond, says a recent report from Incisiv, and retailers’ digital experience plays a big part in both reducing returns and making the return experience seamless. Retailers can achieve significant savings and enhanced customer satisfaction if they look at returns as an integral […]

Most Read Logistics Articles of 2021

Cold Chain Innovations: Keep Your Cool DECEMBER 2021 Items that need to stay cool range from large containerloads of fish to vaccines, and each requires special techniques. Here’s how shippers stay chill. Air Cargo Today: Buckle Up! NOVEMBER 2021 Despite tight capacity and rising rates, air cargo has become an even more critical part […]

Why Should Distributors Move to the Cloud in 2022?

Many distributors are pondering the question: To cloud or not to cloud? Is the disruption of moving my ERP and other tools worth the benefits and rewards? As we look back at the past few years, it is not difficult to find compelling reasons why a cloud move is beneficial. Let’s look at some of […]

Gregg Healy

Is There an End to Amazon’s Impact?

The absorption of industrial real estate is setting all-time highs as consumer demand, with COVID-19 as its catalyst, has shifted to a greater dependency on consumers having products shipped to them rather than them visiting brick-and-mortar retailers.

NOTED: The Supply Chain In Brief

Good Works Sunset Transportation volunteers worked with the Greater St. Louis Area Boy Scouts, scout leaders, and parents to execute Scouting for Food, the largest one-day food drive in the United States. The 2021 event was the most successful since 2016, collecting 653,026 pounds of donated food in one day. SEKO Logistics is partnering with […]

How to Use Canadian Fulfillment Services to Save on Import Costs

There’s a good reason Canadian fulfillment services have risen to prominence in the import sector over the past decade: They save you money—on import duties and their related costs, which can be considerable. Let’s look at this money-saving tactic that’s changed the importing landscape. Duty-free shipping made easy We can thank Section 321 for duty-free […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions

Services RK Logistics Group, a provider of warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, and supply chain management services, opened a new facility in Hayward, California. The facility provides warehousing, product staging, and distribution services for Silicon Valley manufacturers, suppliers, and retail e-commerce shippers. BioCare, a therapeutics distributor, launched LogiCare3PL, a third-party logistics (3PL) offering that provides specialty pharmaceutical […]

Jeff Lokant

TMS Evolution: A Provider’s Perspective

Shippers have numerous Transportation Management System (TMS) options, but they are farther from feature and price parity than you may imagine. While many TMS core tenants are now commodities, there are significant gaps, strengths, and weaknesses across the main players.

The Future of Work in Logistics

The Future of Work in Logistics

To meet growing e-commerce demand, alleviate labor shortages, and build more supply chain resilience, businesses will need to deploy strategies to attract, retain, develop, and motivate workers in a digital era, says a report from DHL. Highlights from the report include: Millennials and Gen Zers seek jobs with more purpose, less repetitive tasks, and more […]

10 Tips for Deploying a Robotics System

Automation is necessary to meet customer demand and companies have no other option but to deploy these technologies in their warehouses and fulfillment centers to remain competitive now and in the future. Here are 10 suggestions to help you get started.

Stefany Martin

Bridging the Supply Chain Gender Gap

I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last mom to pull into a parking spot on two wheels, late for a meeting, hair soaking wet and coffee spilled down the front of my shirt. Being a working mom in supply chain isn’t for the faint of heart. But I’m not alone and the growing number of women entering this industry is encouraging.

John O'Kelly

4 Tips to Master Reverse Logistics

Up to 40% of online purchases made in the past year were returned, finds recent research. Whether you’re diving into e-commerce for the first time or finding your footing after the accelerated industry growth amid the pandemic, mastering reverse logistics is an essential function of your operation, now more than ever.

Aaron Hageman

Last Mile Predictions and Priorities

Since COVID-19 shut down the world, the delivery industry as a whole experienced exponential growth. The rise of e-commerce platforms stretched last-mile delivery to its limits. The pandemic forced more people to consider delivery services and now consumers love the convenience. This preference for delivery over in-person shopping will continue into the future even after the pandemic.

Josh Jungwirth

How to Combat Logistics Logjams

Nearly two years into the pandemic, today’s congestion issues and logistics logjams are not expected to end anytime soon. It is imperative brands fortify their supply chains to best navigate the current environment and prepare for what unexpected challenges may lie ahead to limit future disruptions.

Keith Biondo

You Won’t Get Fooled Again

Sometimes a kick in the pants is a step forward. The past two years have certainly been kicking it, and not in a good way for many of you. Stress of the type we are still going through can be incentive to change business practices. Incremental changes are a normal part of standard business practices. […]

Brian Lawson

Why Expedited Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Q. Why is it more important than ever to establish a relationship with an expedited carrier? A. In today’s volatile transportation environment, capacity is king. As a result, securing TL or reliable LTL capacity comes at a significant cost. Even when a shipper is prepared to pay a premium, there is a lingering fear their […]

Clark Cassell

Right-Sizing and Leveraging Fulfillment Automation

Q. How can right-sizing automation addresslabor shortages? Does it lead to increased employee engagement? A. Automation, when correctly applied, should have two benefits: performing tasks with fewer people, and increasing the value of (remaining) employee tasks. Consider automation as a tool, doing the heavy lifting with repetitive tasks and the heavy thinking that goes into […]

Addressing Supply Chain Pain Points for Shippers

Addressing Supply Chain Pain Points for Shippers

Shippers must navigate a daunting array of complex challenges when operating in today’s often turbulent supply chain landscape. Potential pain points are rampant. Fortunately, shippers can turn to a variety of solutions and tools that can help drive capacity, control for rates, enable visibility, manage inbound and outbound execution of shipments, and improve the freight […]

Tim Smith

Reducing Small Parcel Shipping Costs: Here’s Where to Begin

Q. The cost of shipping small parcels is constantly increasing, so how can I reduce and control these expenses more easily? A. Global supply chains are still being impacted by COVID-19, and will likely remain volatile for the foreseeable future. Unprecedented volume is also a huge contributor to these costs. According to, the global […]

Art Zipkin

DDC Sync Q&A: Supply Chain Efficiency Through Smart In-Cab BOL Capture

Q. DDC FPO just launched DDC Sync, which leverages intelligent automated capture. Why? How can companies gain supply chain efficiencies by automating data capture? A. We’ve been in this industry working with a large portion of leading motor carriers for a long time. One of the common, recurring challenges that we are always helping our […]

Christine Taylor

Parcel Is a Crucial Value-Add in the Evolution of the TMS

The growing requirements and demands placed on shippers and logistics service providers have pushed transportation management systems to become more agile and able to support greater service levels and cover multiple modes—especially parcel. Q. Why is parcel gaining attention now? A. Shippers and LSPs want to streamline connectivity and communications with their parcel providers. Accurate […]

Paul A. Myerson

S&OP: Bringing the Outside In

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an integrated business management process through which the leadership team continually achieves focus, alignment and synchronization among all functions. This ensures that supply meets demand while the organization meets general business objectives, including profitability, productivity, competitive customer lead times, and others.

Girding for Supply Chain Turmoil in 2022

Despite the expectation that this year will be a difficult one regarding supply chain management, strategies exist to ease the burden. Companies can minimize disruption by implementing specific tools and best practices that will enable clearing logistical, transportation, and technological hurdles. Those include modernizing your business’s supply chain management processes—adopting artificial intelligence, for instance—enhancing visibility […]

Taking a Fresh Look at Brazil’s Transportation Sector

International investors may have had hesitation about moving into new markets amid the myriad changes of the past year. However, as the economy continues to rebound, many are taking a fresh look at one emerging market in particular: Brazil. Indeed, the Brazilian government has been working to establish new regulations that open doors for foreign […]

How Manufacturers Can Navigate Global Supply Chain Upheaval

Supply chains have been teetering on the brink of downfall for many years from issues such as labor shortages, and the pandemic has only highlighted this problem further. When lockdowns started around the world, many empty shipping containers remained where they were. However, in early summer 2021, many countries loosened restrictions around COVID, unleashing pent-up […]

2022 Supply Chain Predictions

2022 Supply Chain Predictions

What’s in the supply chain cards for 2022? From limited transportation capacity to skyrocketing material costs to continuing supply chain disruption, learn what’s on deck and how to deal.

Things Go Better with Bulk

Things Go Better with Bulk

Due to shortages delaying—and even halting—transportation, big brands get creative to keep their product and materials moving. For example, Coca-Cola now transports materials in bulk shipping vessels, which are typically used for raw materials such as grain and coal. The beverage company chose the bulk carriers because it could not access containers and cargo space, […]

Vertical Focus: Pet Supplies

Vertical Focus: Pet Supplies

Pets Get Their Paws on Table Food With 89% of dog and cat owners saying it’s important for their pets to eat the highest-quality ingredients, a survey reports, dog and cat food manufacturers shift their products from pet food facilities to human food supply chains. Two examples: The Honest Kitchen recently launched a 100% […]

Mark Johnson

4 Steps to Building Cyber-Resiliency

Cyber-exploitation through contractor networks is becoming more prevalent. Cyber-insecure suppliers and contractors provide covert backdoor access to more prominent corporations.

Latest Fashion Trend? Sustainability

Latest Fashion Trend? Sustainability

Sustainability is more important than ever as fashion supply chains become more environmentally conscious, says a report from intelligence platform Edited. The biggest shift has been the number of products labeled "recycled" or "containing recycled materials" (see chart), which now account for 51% of sustainable products versus 29% in 2019. Highlights from the report reveal: […]

BREA Wine Company Raises a Glass to Logistics

BREA Wine Company Raises a Glass to Logistics

BREA Wine Company runs on a lean staff—just one full-time employee. Yet since its launch in 2013, sales at the Berkeley, California-based company have grown by a factor of more than 13. The company’s founders, Tim Elenteny and Chris Brockway, both are employed full-time elsewhere. Elenteny is co-founder of Elenteny Imports, headquartered in New York; Brockway owns Broc Cellars, a winery based in Berkeley, California.

Planner Blueprint

Creating the 2022 Logistics Planner issue was as interesting, as challenging, and as much fun as publishing our first Planner nearly a decade ago. The sheer size of this issue gives me the ability to cover a wide variety of topics impacting your job. I hope this issue provides the information you’ll need to help […]

Star Power

Star Power

Amy Davis is vice president and president of the New Power segment of Cummins Inc.

Old Processes Impede New Inventory Strategies

Old Processes Impede New Inventory Strategies

Few businesses use new technologies to tackle supply chain issues caused by the pandemic due to tighter costs and dependence on legacy work processes, says a recent survey from intelligence platform Verusen. This results in lost revenue and increased inventory costs. Global supply chain executives responding to the survey cite poor data quality, siloed materials […]

Cultivating Supply Chain Talent

Cultivating Supply Chain Talent

2021 was notable for labor challenges and shifts in thinking about employee engagement. Here’s how to attract supply chain talent and increase job satisfaction.

Keith Biondo

Robots Do Yardwork, Too

Efficient warehouse operations provide the levels of service that customers demand as America’s economy scales up. In many instances, yard operations impede that efficiency. Safety, driver facilities, cooperation, and consideration for truckers’ time are ongoing challenges. One driver tells us that a yard he regularly serves is "like a moonscape." The confluence of e-commerce growth […]

Food Logistics: Let’s Eat!

Food Logistics: Let’s Eat!

The pandemic and shift to home dining and takeout changed the recipe for the food supply chain. Here’s how food companies are devouring new challenges.

Marty Wadle

Choose a 3PL with a Culture and Vision that Match Your Own

Transportation has often been considered a commodity. Equipment, fuel, software, and wages are all very similar from a cost perspective. A 3PL’s culture can be a competitive advantage. Q: Why does culture matter? A: Today, cost is just one of many factors to consider when selecting a 3PL. A low-cost provider may produce short-term savings […]

Balancing Just-in-Time with Just-in-Case

Balancing Just-in-Time with Just-in-Case

Supply chain leaders must balance efficiency and cost, with inventory management strategies that incorporate the Lean efficiencies of Just-in-Time with the higher inventory levels of Just-in-Case.

Ann Yates

Making Decisions and Adapting Warehouse Operations with WMS + MES

Q. How does adaptability in warehouse operations allow for a quick response to consumption changes? A. In the past two years the way consumers shop has changed. We witnessed 10 years’ worth of e-commerce growth in 3 months. It also caused a drastic change in consumption patterns where some products saw a 75-85% increase in […]

Improving CX: Going the Extra Mile

Improving CX: Going the Extra Mile

From e-commerce fulfillment strategies to warehouse layout to inventory approaches, here are the supply chain moves that go above and beyond to improve the customer experience.

Groceries Give Warehouse Automation A Lift

Groceries Give Warehouse Automation A Lift

The global warehouse automation market will grow from $29.6 billion in 2020 to $69 billion in 2025 (see chart), says an Interact Analysis report, largely driven by e-commerce retailers that sell groceries and general merchandise, such as, Amazon, and Target. Fixed automation, such as automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors, and conveyor-based sorters, will […]

Noted: The Supply Chain In Brief-Dec 2021

Good Works Participating in the Pink October global breast cancer initiative, Bollore Transport & Logistics provided free screenings to employees in Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, and Italy at partner health centers or in their workplace. The company is also working with Florida Mobile Mammography to offer 3D mammograms to employees. Ruan and Bobcat accepted an Outstanding Disability Employer Award from the […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-December 2021

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-December 2021

Technology TMS provider Axele upgraded its software to include new factoring and loadboard integrations and new dispatch and settlement features. The latest upgrades enable the software to optimize driver schedules with the most profitable loads. Shippers of all sizes get access to real-time supply chain data with the latest updates from Centerboard. The neutral, shipper-centric transportation management solution’s […]

Stephen Aborn

Big Transportation Impacts Small and Mid-Size Businesses

One often overlooked budget item in growing companies is transportation and logistics. As companies focus on growth, the oversight of logistics programs frequently becomes a complimentary duty of employees whose primary focus might be in other company disciplines.

Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun

Arch Thomason basks in a mentor list 33 names long, lean principles, servant leadership, and a talented team to keep Sunland Logistics Solutions shining bright.

Vertical Focus | Home Improvement

Vertical Focus | Home Improvement

Pre-Orders Build Up Home Improvement Inventory Many manufacturers have discontinued their less-popular products or increased prices across product categories as ships wait off the California coast, truck drivers face long wait times, and rail yards remain backed up. AAA Distributor, however, has all its kitchen cabinetry, shower doors, vanities, and flooring products ready to ship […]

Anne Sexton

6 Reasons You Should Control Inbound Logistics

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s this—supply chains are brittle. If raw materials or parts don’t get to where they need to be on time, manufacturing plants grind to a halt, orders are not fulfilled, customers are unhappy, and the bottom line suffers. A pandemic—and its knock-on effects of shortages—is not something companies […]

The Role of IoT in Keeping Vaccines Safe

The pandemic made clear the need for equity in access to vaccines. In fact, G7 leaders met earlier this year to discuss just that. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “leaders recognized that no country can be safe until every country committed to develop and distribute effective tests, treatments, and vaccines around the world.” […]

Phil Schmidbauer

Pulling Levers and Finding Value in Transportation

Value is not always easy to measure. It’s the same when discussing transportation costs. Lowest cost is not always the best, as poor quality can cost you much more. Corporate supply chain managers need to understand which levers to pull so they can get the best value for every transportation dollar spent.

CJ Singh

Is the Healthcare Supply Chain Ready for the Netflix Effect?

Have you ever marveled at how Netflix seems to know what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and sets expectations with a high percentage of likelihood that you’ll enjoy their recommendation? What if we could apply that same degree of accuracy to the healthcare supply chain? Armed with the right information, we could know who needs which supplies and when, down to the patient level. The result would be a more resilient supply chain and better patient outcomes.

Keith Biondo

Unleash Short Sea?

The ports around the Great Lakes would love to help offset some of the pain of the horror show called the "shipping crisis." Guess what. They can’t by law. Thank the Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF), a well-intended policy perfect for the 1980s, along with related regulations, for sidelining port capacity around the Great Lakes. The […]

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Routes

This list of tips covers three critical phases: planning (1 to 3), implementation (4 to 7), and program optimization (7 to 10). Each phase calls on different teams to be involved and pursues discrete goals.

Expedited Carriers Guide 2021

Expedited Carriers Guide 2021

In today’s e-commerce-driven supply chains, speed is practically a given. Whether same-day, next-day, two-day, express, expedited, priority, or standard, consumers want their orders fast. That demand has accelerated even quicker during the pandemic, motivating shippers to find ways to optimize transportation to be fast and affordable. To help make sense of the expedited delivery options, […]

Boosting DC Productivity

Boosting DC Productivity

Faced with increasing e-commerce complexity, distribution centers have to balance flexibility with efficiency. Here are the products, equipment, and systems that streamline DC operations.

Driving Growth Without Boundaries

Driving Growth Without Boundaries

When Advanced Drainage Systems needed to expand its distribution footprint amid a building boom, DHL Supply Chain helped the company scale its supply chain and position itself for future growth.