Vertical Focus | Healthcare

Vertical Focus | Healthcare

The global clinical trial supply and logistics for the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow from $16.6 billion in 2019 to $25.9 billion by the end of 2025.

Keith Biondo

Do You Like Raspberries?

Initial and erroneous reporting on a Wuhan wet market renewed a focus on food supply chain management, or FSCM. The virus episode reminds us that reputations of food value chain partners—vendors, transport providers, governments, buyers, and retailers—can and will be severely damaged by any food chain fail. Twenty-three million people get sick from unsafe food […]

What’s the Holiday Sales Scenario?

The holiday retail season will play out in one of two ways—a relatively stable year-over-year sales increase of 0% to 1%, or a jump of 2.5% to 3.5%—both of which are lower than prior years, according to Deloitte. Scenario one: Consumers experience growing anxiety about their health and finances. This reinforces the current high savings […]

California Clears the Air

California Clears the Air

To help commercial providers invest in clean truck and infrastructure technology in an effort to improve the region’s air quality, the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) and the Southern California Association of Governments created a new match-funding program for last-mile transportation. The project comes as e-commerce increases the frequency of truck deliveries. […]

Creating a Smart Asset-Tracking Solution for Pallet Monitoring and Beyond

Corporations around the world are acknowledging the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the need for a solution that has the ability to identify, locate and track assets. This year, Gartner predicts that over half of major new business processes will incorporate some element of the IoT, and the industry where increased internet-connected […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-November 2020

Products Letting conveyors run quietly and smoothly when moving light goods, the new roller from daRoller requires just 12 g (0.026 pounds) of turning effort to start the conveyor roller. The light-running roller is built with ABEC precision bearings and a grease/oil combination for lubrication, allowing the conveyor to run easily, quietly, and smoothly. Mezzanine Safeti-Gates offers a […]

Consumers Set Their Sights on Visibility

With COVID-19 disrupting the traditional retail model and more consumers expecting to find, buy, and receive products wherever and however they desire, the need for retailers to optimize and elevate their supply chain capabilities is imperative for maintaining sales and brand loyalty, finds a survey by enVista. Other key findings in the survey include: 87% […]

How IoT Solves Global Supply Chain Challenges

Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever before, with goods changing hands multiple times between global suppliers and consumers before they reach their final destinations. Such a high scale of production can quickly present logistical challenges, like how to keep track of returnable industrial packaging (RIP), the loss of which can significantly harm a […]

5 Must-Take Actions to Prepare for the 2020 Holiday Season

This year has been, and continues to be, unprecedented. Not since the Second World War have global supply chains been so dramatically interrupted. And given the integration of these global supply chains (thanks to the marvels of the integrated circuit) and advances in modern transportation, the disruption caused by COVID-19 is, arguably, unprecedented in modern […]

West Pak Avocado Grows a Ripe 3PL Partnership

West Pak Avocado Grows a Ripe 3PL Partnership

Between 2007 and 2018, average avocado production around the globe grew by 5.3% annually, to about 6.4 million tons in 2018, according to Research and Markets. West Pak Avocado, an avocado grower and distributor based in Murrieta, California, has helped drive this increase.

Top Hat and Tales

Stephanie Carter is the co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of Wallaroo Hat Company, a Boulder, Colorado-based manufacturer of stylish sun-protective hats, founded in 1999. Responsibilities: Supply chain logistics, overall operations, design, manufacturing, marketing, and human resources. Education: B.A. in Spanish and French language and literature, cum laude, New York University, 1989; J.D., University of […]

Yard Work

Yard Work

By weeding out detention costs, trimming inefficiencies, and seeding visibility and productivity, yard management systems (YMS) can fertilize your supply chain.

Maureen Sullivan

Solving Distributor Liquidity Shortages

The pandemic is inflicting financial hardship on the supply chain—from manufacturers down to the end consumer—with particular pain for distributors, who are the critical intermediary agents responsible for delivering goods from producers to retailers and other businesses that sell to consumers.

Keith Biondo

The World Is Your Warehouse 3.0

In a column I wrote 20 years ago called "Millennium Musings," I used the phrase "make the world your warehouse." It took two decades, but it appears that we may be on the cusp of that actually happening, not just in developed countries, but across the entire world. How? Enter Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, […]

Serving Up Sustainability

Serving Up Sustainability

PepsiCo and General Mills plan to reduce their carbon footprint during the next 10 years, following similar initiatives by food manufacturing giants such as Kellogg’s and Smithfield Foods. New York-based PepsiCo, which owns Frito-Lay, Tropicana, and Quaker Oats, aims to use 100% renewable electricity across all its company-controlled operations by 2030 and across its franchise […]

NOTED: The Supply Chain in Brief-Nov 2020

NOTED: The Supply Chain in Brief-Nov 2020

Recognition Transportation equipment lessor Milestone Equipment Holdings received the award for Best Overall Chassis Provider in the Port of New York & New Jersey from the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers for providing drivers with high-quality equipment and offering responsive customer service. The East Bay Economic Development Alliance honored the Port of Oakland with the […]

Warehouse Automation Prognosis

Warehouse Automation Prognosis

While revenue for the global warehouse automation market will likely decrease in 2020, order intake will grow significantly, according to Interact Analysis’ forecast. Other predictions in the report show: Market Growth Significant market growth in 2021 as project completion dates push from 2020 to 2021. Compound annual growth rate will increase by 11.9% in 2019-2024. […]

How Election Results Will Impact Supply Chain Stakeholders

The coronavirus, and the associated lockdowns, has brought a great deal of logistics activity – and many business decisions – to a grinding halt. Especially when it comes to international trade, it’s hard for business decisions-makers to decide at the moment if they want to invest heavily in a certain market, or to make commitments […]

Untangling Supply Chain Challenges

Digitization and complexity present overwhelming challenges, finds a new Körber study. 91% of supply chain professionals cannot stay ahead of their challenges as manufacturing and fulfillment complexities continue to grow. 51% of businesses can only tackle one supply chain challenge at a time. 48% of supply chains saw complexity grow in the past year, driven […]

Brexit Baffles Freight Forwarders

Brexit Baffles Freight Forwarders

Most freight forwarders doubt they can handle changes to the United Kingdom’s trading relationship in 2021, including new customs documentation and procedures, according to a study by the British International Freight Association. Key findings from the report reveal: Lack of understanding: More than half of freight forwarders say they have no knowledge or need to […]

Searching for the Perfect Site

Searching for the Perfect Site

New site selection challenges magnify the importance of finding not only the right spot on the map, but also one that offers technology, transportation, and opportunities. The right logistics partners can help focus your search.

Supply Chain’s Rising Stars

“Supply chain is an untouched territory of future developments,” says Charlotte de Brabandt, megawatt winner, Rising Supply Chain Stars program. Saving more than $10 million, updating technology across 8,900 stores, explaining results from a 27-country region to top management, and increasing forecast accuracy with new digital tools are just some achievements of the latest winners […]

Michael Eastabrook

Shining New Light on Dock Operations

The loading dock is a complicated place, with many people and a lot of equipment working together. With better visibility into dock activity, companies can bring significant improvements to their warehouse operations. Q: What important challenges do warehouse operators face because they lack access to crucial real-time and historical data about what’s going on at […]

Shooting for the Moon

In another step toward making the world your warehouse, the FCC awarded SpaceX nearly $900 million in federal subsidies to support broadband customers in remote U.S. areas through its Starlink satellite internet network. The subsidies are an incentive for broadband providers to bring service to underserved areas, and will be distributed in the next 10 […]

Thomas Griffin

Partnering with a Logistics Specialist Brings Major Benefits

Q: What are the customer’s benefits of working with a large, experienced logistics company versus one that is part of a diversified organization? A: The most obvious benefit to the customer is that logistics is their specialty. When you work with a logistics company that is part of a large, diversified business, their focus is […]

3 Signs a Warehouse Needs a Wireless Site Assessment

A properly designed wireless network, as well as enhancements made to an existing network, can maximize benefits of the Wi-Fi system and enhance efficiencies across all areas of a business. Connectivity poses a unique challenge for warehouse operations given constantly shifting inventory, shelving, racking and vehicles, along with potential interference from other wireless equipment. Ensuring […]

Vertical Focus Retail-Oct

Vertical Focus Retail-Oct

Weaving Blockchain into Data Sharing Blockchain can solve the errors and inefficiencies that exist in data exchange between suppliers, retailers, and other stakeholders in the retail supply chain, according to results from the Chain Integration Project proof of concept. If retailers want to incorporate blockchain into their supply chain, the study recommends these steps: 1. […]

NOTED: The Supply Chain in Brief-Oct 2020

Recognition Total Distribution is the First Place Fleet Safety Award winner of the Florida Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council in the Truckload Shipping Division—Under 5 Million Miles category. James McMaster, director of transportation, and Doug Sibila, CEO of parent company Peoples Services, accepted the award. Transportation and logistics provider Werner Enterprises was named to U.S. […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-October 2020

Products To address the safety issues in chocking trailer tires, Rite-Hite has released a Global Wheel Chock that, when paired with Approach-Vu, audibly and visibly alerts personnel that a trailer is approaching. The chocking system integrates with the Dok-Lok Style Light Communication System and is available with Rite-Vu auxiliary communication lights, approach detection system, and camera engagement […]

GE Appliances Flips Its Smart Switch

GE Appliances Flips Its Smart Switch

Do you think about how big appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, move through the supply chain—from the factory to a homeowner’s property or a commercial apartment building? Mark Shirkness does, every single day.

Head of the Breakfast Club

To foster an environment of collaboration and trust, Paul Tessy sits down for breakfast once weekly with employees across the company, at every level.

3 Ways Retailers Can Fully Prepare for the Holiday Season

Retailers know Americans will still be spending this holiday season, even if it is in a wildly atypical manner. Smart retailers are taking the following steps to ensure they’re not left with a lump of coal this holiday season. 1. Finalize any online fulfillment and inventory management decisions. Retailers of all sizes are aggressively wrapping […]

Mark Wheeler

Shopping for E-Fulfillment Efficiencies

Online grocery shopping has morphed from a temporary necessity to a new way of life. Retailers with the best order fulfillment process and the highest-quality customer service will gain the upper hand.

WMS Buyer’s Guide 2020

WMS Buyer’s Guide 2020

3PL Central El Segundo, CA | | 888-375-2368 PRODUCT: 3PL Warehouse Manager DESCRIPTION: Manages inventory, automates routine tasks, and delivers complete visibility to 3PLs and their customers with best practices. ASC Software Beavercreek, OH | | 937-429-1428 PRODUCT: ASCTrac WMS DESCRIPTION: Advanced features and configurations solve complex distribution and manufacturing requirements. Off the […]

Mining Data Insights

Mining Data Insights

Here’s how freight bill audit and payment firms unearth and leverage data from freight audits to provide shippers the mother lode of information they need to make intelligent, strategic decisions.

Cold Storage Efficiency

Cold storage facilities have their own unique challenges and, therefore, require unique tools for optimized efficiency and cost savings.

3 Tips for Using Data-Driven Technology to Augment Worker Safety

The adoption of wearable technology in the supply chain space has accelerated during the past six months, as the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new wave of workplace safety concerns. Now, in addition to reducing worker injuries, IoT technology is increasingly used to protect workers from the virus with newly added social distancing and contact-tracing […]

Become a “Partner of Choice” to Unleash the Full Power of Procurement

Most procurement teams are familiar with the concept of customer centricity, and some years back this concept was translated into supplier-centric sourcing. Becoming a “customer of choice” became the new top goal in order to secure the best deals and guarantee great relationships through close collaboration with core suppliers. In many organizations, this meant identifying […]

Peter Zalinski

Leveraging the Benefits of New Industrial Printers for Compliance

Q: What are the benefits of investing in the latest industrial printers? A: The latest industrial printers offer a new set of features and advantages, so end users will not be upgrading just to ensure continued performance and support—they will enable new productivity and efficiency benefits. This includes higher image resolutions, improved feeds-and-speeds, and user-replaceable […]

Keith Biondo

A Plan for Freight Excellence

The U.S. Department of Transportation took many by surprise recently when it introduced the first-ever National Freight Strategic Plan (NFSP), designed to upgrade the American freight system and maintain the country’s competitive edge. Anyone who has been around our industry as long as I have has seen federal initiatives that address transportation inequities without moving […]

3PLs Play Pivotal Role

Order volumes increased by 81% for third-party logistics (3PL) providers supporting e-commerce since the lockdown began, according to data from 3PL Central‘s customer base. These are the highest order volumes per 3PL ever, on par with Black Friday in 2019. 3PL warehouses fulfilling e-commerce orders experienced a consistent increase in order volume week over week. […]

Emily Burns

Why Companies Should Consider Employing Robots

Q: What is robotic process automation? A: Modern robotic process automation (RPA) technology began forming 20 years ago, and has become the transformative tool it is today within the past five years. RPA is a high-tech solution where a process that was previously performed by a human is now performed by a computer. RPA “bots” […]

Cold Changes

Cold Changes

Most cold chain businesses say that taking extra measures to protect the workforce is their No. 1 issue (see chart), according to the Global Cold Chain Alliance’s survey studying the ripple effects of COVID-19. Other key findings include: Common challenges. More than 50% of respondents say that supply chain disruptions, such as keeping up with […]

Hopping on the Transformation Train

Hopping on the Transformation Train

Global disruption has failed to halt shippers’ digital transformation plans: 52% of companies say they will increase their spending on digital transformation, and those concerned with economic disruption are 20% more likely to invest in digital transformation, according to a global research study from IFS. However, these numbers aren’t consistent across all geographies or industry […]

Vertical Focus: Aerospace

Vertical Focus: Aerospace

Boeing Fights for Flights A single Boeing aircraft is composed of more than 3 million parts, making its supply chain a massive global undertaking. Successfully managing such a complex operation requires rigorous planning years in advance to accurately predict changes in demand and adapt accordingly. How does the company do it? Partnerships: Before 2007, Boeing […]

Justin Turner

Shared Truckload Creates Efficiencies, Reducing Shipment Costs

COVID-19 upended supply chains, increased costs, and tightened capacity, leaving shippers struggling to deliver high-quality service. Shared truckload could be the answer. Q: How has shared truckload alleviated shippers’ issues during the pandemic? A: Capacity challenges and increased costs across supply chains have driven shippers to become more creative and innovative. When faced with substantially […]

Getting Out of the Woods

Getting Out of the Woods

COVID-19 radically changed the workplace and how supply chains operate. Shippers that scale their technical infrastructure and put the customer first will thrive, says a study by Reuters Events and CalAmp. Other key findings include: Preparedness: Shippers say their logistics solution providers are managing the uncertainty of customer demand, scoring them an average of 72/100. […]

Al Reisman

3 Critical Questions About Oversize/Overweight Shipments

Although your supply chain may not require oversize/overweight shipments on a regular basis, there will likely be a time when the need arises. If this level of specialized shipping is not within your comfort zone, you should turn to the expertise of a heavy haul carrier to guide you rather than trying to handle it […]

Industry Insight

In its 2020 survey covering companies’ priorities and challenges related to cybersecurity, advanced technologies, succession planning, and trade developments, technology company Sikich finds: 50% of manufacturing and distribution executives say they experienced a cyberattack in the past year, but most haven’t taken important cybersecurity prevention measures. 40% say they perform data breach prevention, such as […]

Leveraging USMCA

After two years in the making, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, is officially a reality. Here’s how to use the new rules to your advantage.

Food Fights

Food Fights

With restaurants providing only delivery or takeout during the pandemic, consumers turn to retailers and grocers to fill the gap. The impact on the food industry varies both by state and by sales channel, with fresh meat leading the increase in dollar sales (see chart), reports Hilco Global. Other trends in the report include: Food […]

Dave Glancy

Building Resilience With Dedicated Transportation Solutions

In today’s volatile economic environment, shippers need reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet customer demand. Dedicated transportation solutions, which mitigate capacity risk and improve on-time delivery, are often a preferable option. Q: What are the factors driving demand for dedicated transportation solutions? A: First, companies understand, now more than ever, they need reliable partners. Interruptions in […]

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Order Picking Solutions

PRODecant Solution: This automated solution from DLN Integrated Systems is designed for distribution facilities requiring broken case picking. It consists of a robotic system that utilizes vision technology to identify the unique specifications of a carton to automatically open and empty the contents into a tote. The tote is then routed, typically via conveyor, to […]

Make It Disappear

Make It Disappear

Learn how digital freight matching companies can work together to solve the unique challenges presented by phantom data.

Power Through Logistics Challenges with New, Modern Chassis

When the pandemic rocked the world this spring, many companies were utilizing “pool chassis” in major ports and inland rail locations. However, with many pool chassis ranging in age from 20 to 25 years old, this led to serious problems, including: Breakdowns: This results in lost time on the road, missed appointments, and increased maintenance […]

Chad Storlie

10 Ways to Leverage Intermodal

Intermodal, the movement of containers and trailers, has been a boon to the supply chain for decades. It embraces standardization—standard container sizes and rail schedules, and standard trucking from ports and terminals to customers—which has reduced transport costs and mistakes, and improved freight service across the globe.

Supply Chains Need Long-Term Resilience

Supply Chains Need Long-Term Resilience

Before COVID-19 struck, supply chains were praised for their just-in-time capabilities. Now entirely new levels of supply chain resilience are needed, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP) 2020 State of Logistics Report. In 2019, the U.S. economy achieved 2.3% growth, and the logistics sector grew to $1.65 trillion in expenditures. Productivity […]

NOTED: The Supply Chain in Brief-Sep 2020

Good Works Transfesa Logistics transported 60 shipments of humanitarian aid in July 2020, delivering 66 tons of medical equipment and necessities to vulnerable populations. The Spain-based logistics company also donated respirator masks and ozone equipment to help clean and disinfect public service vehicles. Logistics service provider Deutsche Post DHL Group provided volunteer support for the […]

David Goldberg

5 Lessons Learned During the Crisis

As a major player in the freight forwarding industry, and having been through the SARS epidemic in China, I have learned and implemented some key lessons that are vital not only in navigating a pandemic, but doing so efficiently.

Reading the Room

Annette Danek-Akey is executive vice president of supply chain at multinational publishing company Penguin Random House. Responsibilities: Manage distribution, transportation, customer service, fulfillment, reverse logistics, and remainder sales. Oversee 1,700 employees in three distribution centers that ship 1.5 million books per day. Experience: EVP and SVP, supply chain, Penguin Random House; SVP and VP, fulfillment, […]

Keith Biondo

Let’s Not Forget

Virus Times has reminded us that we have the capacity to quickly adopt "new" technologies, adapt to new working conditions, and remain highly productive. Certainly the "new" technologies for collaborative work are not really new. They are new just to a large swath of workers who had no reason to Zoom under pre-COVID-19 working conditions. […]

Improving Visibility: And Sew It Goes

Improving Visibility: And Sew It Goes

Family-owned Tacony Corporation offers sewing and home and commercial floor care products in more than 100 countries. Because of the number of products it sells and the geographic span of its operations, supply chain visibility and efficiency are key. At the same time, providing timely, accurate deliveries has become ever more critical, given rising customer expectations.

Randy Ofiara

3 M’s to Cut Supply Chain Costs

As the global supply chain settles into the COVID-19 technology-driven and customer-centric decade, there’s no time to pause and reflect on what has happened. Now is a time for action. Pick up the pace and ensure your processes are leaner and faster, and you are equipped to meet your customers’ expectations.

Reshaping Retail

Reshaping Retail

New strategies such as BOPIS, BOPAC, microfulfillment, and drive-throughs could transform retail logistics forever.

Kraig Foreman

Return-to-School Period Will Test Retailers and 3PLs

Retailers and their logistics partners are having to find ways to navigate through uncertainty in a way that they can take advantage of whatever demand there is while keeping costs down, all at a time when the pandemic is already placing significant strain on their operations and sales. In many ways, the return-to-school shopping period […]

The Great Freight Debate: What’s Next for the Industry?

Several months into the pandemic, trends are emerging across the freight landscape that could shine a light on what the future may hold. The abrupt changes in demand of various items sent supply chains hurdling in different directions, with new, unforeseen consequences emerging from a world sheltering in place. Plans were quickly squashed, and forecasts […]

Shaking Up Subscription Services

Shaking Up Subscription Services

During the lockdown, some subscription services unboxed a demand surge while others were forced to close the flaps. Here’s how successful services deliver the goods.

5 Tips for Evaluating Logistics Service Providers

During the last decade, companies have increased their spend with outsourced logistics service providers in the United States. This increased spending and continued growth in the logistics services industry have led to continuous improvement within the field, and also rising consumer expectations. As a business owner looking to select a best-fit provider for your company, […]

Mark Scullion

Protecting Health, Safety, and Final-Mile Delivery During a Pandemic

Q: What measures have you implemented to protect health and safety in your warehouses? A: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, supply chains around the world were impacted. With a robust safety and quality program in place prior to the pandemic, Suddath® was able to respond and adapt immediately to ensure our customers’ supply chains remained […]

Florida Sets the Future

Florida Sets the Future

The Sunshine State is a strategic and economic powerhouse, driving companies’ logistics success and setting the stage to play an even more substantial role in the coming years.

Traffic Control

Traffic Control

At some point, urban congestion will again be an issue. To get ready, cities and shippers are exploring options such as alternative vehicles, apps, pricing solutions, and a range of distribution centers.

Retail Responds

Retail Responds

Retailers faced steep fluctuations in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have been forced to close or adapt to accommodate social distancing. To improve their supply chain resilience for future disruption, retailers must invest in flexibility, visibility, and automation, according to a study by WMG, the University of Warwick, and Blue Yonder. Key findings […]

Mike Wychocki

Automating Short-Haul Intermodal with Electrified Overhead Rail

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, container shipping was hit as hard as any industry. In the best of times, this vast, labor-intensive network is prone to worker and truck driver shortages, unbalanced hand-offs between distribution nodes, and traffic gridlock and movement lockdowns. In the worst of times, like the pandemic, they face additional delays caused by customs clearance inspections, ports and crew refusals to address certain vessels, and operational shutdowns for decontamination.

Asia’s Economic Rebound

Asia’s Economic Rebound

About 43% of businesses say that the majority of their global supply chains are dependent on China, and most say they won’t be able to visit those suppliers until June 2021 at the earliest (see chart), according to a study from technology platform Flexport. Asia was the first region to endure COVID-19 and reopen its […]

Nick Shroeger

Addressing Shippers’ Top Concerns

Due to the current uncertainty of the global economy, shippers are experiencing new, unique challenges. As they navigate these challenges, understanding the shifts in consumer behavior and how they impact their supply chain is critical.